New start + a goodbye.

I've decided to say goodbye to this little blog of mine.

I really love all the memories I got to share here, but I am ready to start anew, and move in a different direction with my writing, documenting, art, life... everything.

SO if you would like to see an improved version of my blogging.

Go check me out on my new blog:

We Lutz Love

There will be some of the same, a lot of new.. Contributions from Rob. My art. His art.

I hope to create an improved representation of who we are, what we are up to, and look forward to you all joining us.

If you follow along, great! If not, then thanks for reading This must be the Place.



Mr & Mrs (Finally)!

Welp, we are now Mr & Mrs!

I love being married to my best friend, it is such a fun feeling!

The day was absolute perfection.

Actually, our entire week in Florida was perfect. We are greatly indebted to all the wonderful people in our life. 

Despite being sick to my stomach all morning with nerves, the day shaped up to be more perfect than I could have ever imagined.

We have about 6 weeks before we get the pro-shots-- I am really proud of how we put it all together so I can't wait to share all the details. Our wedding was a true reflection of who we are, and it was most definitely the best day of our life!

Things around here are going to change a bit-- so bare with me as I make the changes.. and yes.. there will be several wedding posts over the next few weeks. I hope you're ready!

If you are on IG, there are more wedding photos tagged: #lutzlove

(By the way, I'm rypeace on IG, let's be friends?)

I hope everyone is doing well. Rob goes back to work on Monday, so I'll be stocking your blogs again this week.


xoxox r


Beet the Sunrise

I've been juicing a lot lately, and pretty much I am obsessed.

This week I started juicing beets.

I've never really liked beets much-- I usually just roast them in the oven with other root veggies with some olive oil, S&P-- but I started reading about how good they are for you, so I had to give 'em a try in the juicer.

Beet Benefits:

1. Beets are a great source of iron. Since I am a vegetarian woman, I am more prone to anemia than my carnivore friends. Smart vegetarians fill their diet with iron rich veggies, and beets are top notch.

2. Beets are "cleansing"-- Great for liver/kidney function & purifying your blood with all those antioxidants.

3. Beets have good carbs, so they are instantly energizing.

4. Beets contain betaine, typtophan, and niacin all of which aid in depression-- relaxing the mind and creating a sense of well being.

5. 100% beet juice is a great sub for your evening cocktail. Throw some ginger in the mix, and you'll have a nice little alcohol-free buzz goin.

6. AND they are good for just about everything else: Digestion, complexion, libido, vitamin replenishment (magnesium, calcium, potassium, Vit A, B, & C, folic acid) and more!

It's good stuff.

Here is my favorite Beet Juice recipe:

2 beets (sm-med)
2 apples (whatever color you like)
3-4 carrots
1 hand of ginger (use less if you don't like it spicy)

Juice & enjoy!

Have a healthy weekend!




The story of our rings

Hello everyone.

We're just 19 days away from wedding day-- I am so excited it is making me sick to my stomach.

I just want everything to be perfect. Everyone to be happy. and every moment remembered.

We bought our rings over the weekend. Well, HE bought our rings.

We really procrastinated on buying rings, but I am kind of glad we did because we really ended up at the right time, at the right place, to get the perfect rings for us.

I am not your typical bride, bling-bling doesn't really wow me, but sentimentality does. And Rob, like most guys, doesn't wear jewelry normally so he was having a hard time committing to something he will wear every day.

After going around to a few shops, we were feeling a little frustrated. Rob has pretty slim fingers, so all the rings he was liking were going to need to be special ordered-- taking over a month to receive, obviously, we didn't have have kind of time.

We walked into this Hawaiian import jewelry store, not expecting much, but hoping...

We found his ring first-- it is a white gold band with a maile leaf pattern all the way around the band. The Maile leaf grows in Hawaii, in ancient times only kings and queens could wear maile leaf leis. 

The maile represents, Aloha (Love), Ho'ohanohano (honor) and Mahalo (respect)-- I thought this was perfect, because I was looking for a way to include the claddagh ring into his ring which represent, Love, Loyalty & Friendship. 

I've worn a claddagh ring that is very special to me since I was nine, so the meaning of the ring has always been important to me. So when I was looking at rings for him, I was trying to find rings that held similar meaning.

While we were discussing getting Rob's ring sized-- We found my ring.

Now, I was having a hard time finding a ring that looked GREAT with my engagement band. I really didn't want to move my ring to another finger-- ya know, I am all sentimental and stuff-- I was trying on skinny bands with diamonds, and not really feeling it.. so when I saw my ring, I got really excited.

Then it fit perfectly over my engagment band. Once I had the ring on, the sales associate told us the meaning of MY ring, Rob and I looked at each other. He asked if I loved it, I said yes, and he said "lets wrap 'em up"

So my ring is a Plumeria flower--they symbolize serenity, faith, devotion, aspiration and surrender.

We thought the meaning of our individual rings were so perfect for our new roles as Husband and Wife.

So we were really excited about our rings, and as we were being rung up the lady asked us where we are getting married-- When we mentioned "Orlando area" she proceeded to tell us about this wonderful place she likes to visit when she goes to Orlando. She couldn't remember the name, based on her discription, we knew she was talking about Blue Springs.

So Rob said, "Are you talking about Blue Springs"

she said, "YES! YES! Oh how I love that place!"

we said, "That's where we had our first date! First Kiss! and it is the place we got engaged!"

It was a lovely bit of serendipity, and it really made me feel like we found rings with great energy, lovely meaning, and somehow, our favorite place found its way all the way across the country to remind us that we are doing good.

See I told you guys I was all sentimental and stuff.

Buckle up, my blog is about to turn into a wedding post mess!




Running, losing, juicing & loving.

Namaste & good morning Bloggy friends.

I am feeling MUCH better this week.

I started running (again)-- and this time I have been running in my Vibram Five Fingers which makes running so much more fun! Aside from a few discomforts-- I've actually been enjoying my runs. Who woulda thunk it?

My neighborhood is filled with San Fran worthy hills, so I've been getting really strong physically & my endurance levels have sky rocketed-- I'm sure this is why I am feeling so good.

Have I shared that I have finally gotten down to 140lbs? Well I have. In the beginning of 2012 I was about 173, and now I am 143 (and on good mornings 140!) This is a huge accomplishment for me, I have been battling with this extra weight since my Chicago days-- I left Chicago in 2008.

When I moved to Chitown I was a slender athletic build weighing in somewhere between 130-135, and by my third winter, I was a whopping 185lbs. Even with carrying weight as evenly as I do, I was looking pretty chunky.

In 2008 I lost about 20 lbs before I moved back to FL, then for almost 4 years I would gain 10, lose 5, gain 3, lose 10, gain... lose, gain...

Anywho, I am so close to being at my healthiest weight, and I am really proud of myself-- especially since we are headed back to Orlando in a short 24 days-- I think everyone will be surprised.. I've lost 20 lbs since moving to CA.

Whew, that felt nice to say-- I am proud of myself. We should tell ourselves we are proud of how far we've come more often, don't ya think?

So I've been running, and it has been good fun. I've also been juicing once or twice a day, and I'm obsessed.

My favorite juicing concoctions:

Wake-up call:
4 red apples (green works well too!)
1 hand of ginger
(Sometimes I put a carrot in there too, yum yum!)

Sometimes I put a little more ginger in for some extra zing, but I must warn.. this is a spicy drink! If you have an adversion to spice, use the ginger with caution.

Green Goddess Lunch in a cup:
1-2 large cucumber(s)
a handful of arugula
a handful of kale
1 lemon (peeled)
1/2 inch of ginger
a little bit of wheat grass

My skin looks nice and clear too-- Living in L.A. I have the smog working against my efforts to have clear skin, so the juicing has been a great helper from the inside. :)

What else can I bore you people with this find morning?

  • Our wedding is in 26 days-- I've been working on a few posts wherein I express my thoughts on becoming someones wife, changing my last name, maybe being a mother one day, and all the things that come with marrying someone.
  • I went to my first "Leather Bar" last night with my neighbor last night. I have never seen so many manly, burly bearded gay men in my life. This was a "tame" night, so there was really not leather action happening, but it was definitely interesting to see a bunch of gay dudes, that "looked" really, really straight. I know this makes me sounds like I have a limited veiw on homosexuality, but don't get it wrong.. I don't.. I just know way more gay guys that are more obvious, than gay guys who look like they belong in a death metal band. 
  • I love L.A! FREAKING LOVE IT. Every day, I fall more in love with this strange city-- I think I might love LA more than Chitown. 

Okay, time to make my dude some breakfast and get on with the day!

What is happening in your life. Everyone who reads this, tell me something awesome about your past week in a comment!

LOVE to all!



Neighbors that Rock and malibu hikes.

So one of my blog posts has been attracting a lot of spam activity, it's weird. So I went back to requiring word verification, sorry guys!

I've had an incredible week!

In fact, I met someone really cool. Out of respect to my neighbor I am going to have to be vague, but my neighbor across the courtyard from me is in a pretty popular band (you can hear their music on the opening credits of a popular NBC series)-- Of course he didn't tell me all this-- and we spent about 2 hours talking about the universe, yoga and spiritual stuffs--so I found out after looking up his band when I got home later that day.. SO anyway, the other night I popped by his apartment to give him a CD of my grandfathers music (my grandfather has gold albums, so I like to share his stuff with other musicians).

I enter the apartment, classical music in the back ground, and a man with intense brown eyes is sitting at a table in front of a chess board-- My neighbor introduces us, I shake his hand and apologize for interupting the chess game.. I'm no good at chess, but I know how intense the concentration can be.

So anyway, I keep looking at my neighbors friend. I know him from somewhere, but I can't pin it. I thought maybe I had just seen him around the neighborhood-- Then it clicked. My neighbor was sitting with a music legend..

I can give you one hint as to who this man was (remember, I am trying not to sell out my neighbor here) The name of this blog is a nod to a song written by the guy I met.

So, if you know what the title of my blog is referencing.. Then you will know who I met.

Once it all clicked, I freaked! I have to admit, I was REALLLLLLY  glad that I didn't recognize him at first because this man is a real artist-- He doesn't care about fame, he has never "sold out" and I have MAD respect for every move he has made in his career.

Had I recognized him, I would have totally made myself look like a huge dork!

I really love living in LA because it just seems like everyone I meet is DOING something awesome-- My neighborhood especially-- so many talented musicians & artists live around here. Just walking around the hood means you get to hear some really quality band practices happening. It's awesome. 

R ended up only having to work 4 hours on Sunday, so we hiked in Malibu with our good Buddy G yesterday... we did some real rock climbing too-- I have to say, climbing vertically requires some true grit! Going down-- even scarier! It was a good day.

AND, all the wedding freak out crap is falling into place. Only 26 more days and I am a MRS!

How are things with you people?





Wedding freak outs Nick Cage Style.

Welp, wedding planning has officially become a huge freaking pain in my big' ole behind.

My (future) Sister in-law works at a restaurant near our wedding venue so I gave her a buzz yesterday to see if we could reserve one of the rooms for after wedding eating/drinking.

During our conversation she informed me that she had to work that day-- I asked why, and she told me Winter Park (our hometown) is having their St Patrick Parade on March 3rd.

Obviously my jaw drops because our venue is OFF of the main drag in Winter Park, "Park Avenue." So I think to myself, OK.. the parade could be in the morning, NBD.

The parade starts at 2. Our ceremony is at 330 and it is our doors.

Even though the parade will be over by the time we were suppose to say "I do" there will still be parade festivities, lots of people.. It's a problem.

SO Rob and I decided to just have a private ceremony where we got engaged (which, if you have been following along here, was the original plan, but we opted to do everything at the same place because we couldn't figure out how to budget for the 2 locations in a reasonable way.)

ANYWAY, the venue was pretty apologetic for the mishap, and offered to cover whatever costs we will take on for moving the ceremony. Okay, so everything is alright.. No big deal. I am zen. I am flexible. People can still try to arrive at 330, if they are late because of traffic no big deal, they will be there in time for the music to start, and we'll all still have fun.

WELL then I get a call from a certain person (people) who shall remain nameless protesting Rob and I having the ceremony at Blue Springs-- Actually it was more of a good cop/bad cop thing. One sympathizing, the other bitching. At this point I was in shock that anyone would have ANYTHING to say about it considering we are not in control of the city changing parade day.

Then.. THEN I was told that this wouldn't have happened if we were getting married in a church.

First of all, I don't see how getting married in a building that MEN built is more holy than getting married in a natural setting of God-made greenery.

Second of all, I am SO freaking sick of being ridiculed by certain people for not being a catholic. NEWS FLASH! Rob is not a catholic either! We both grew up as Catholics, and we both grew out of being catholic ON OUR OWN.


I was "keepin calm, and carrying on" trying to see the change as a good thing, and then you have the balls to call me and complain about being inconvenienced to get in a freaking LIMO, sitting in it for a whopping 40 mins, watch us get married, take some pictures, get BACK IN THE LIMO, have a little drinky, and be dropped off at our reception.

I'm sorry, but this wedding was going to be an all day affair for our parents and bridal party whether this parade happened or not, the only thing that is changing is now we have to be ready by 11 instead of 1 so we can have nice pictures & a private ceremony. If anyone should be all pissy about this it is ME, the BRIDE. I SHOULD BE THE ONE ALL PISSED OFF, and you know what.. NOW I am pissed because someone has the AUDACITY to tell me that this wouldn't have happened if we were getting married in a church..

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT------ &^%$*(#$@%$%&^%*^*&$%^#%$@$@#%^$^&%^&$

UGH. I am seriously 2 seconds away from cancelling our flights to Florida, and getting married in Vegas, in a CHURCH run by ELVIS in a BLACK dress with all my devil worshiping emblems, since clearly not being a catholic makes me a devil worshiper or something.

Even though Catholics are the most PAGAN humans next to full blown practicing Pagans. (Not that I think pagans are Devil Worshipers, I don't -- "the Devil is a Christian creation, they can keep him"-- evil is universal, not "the devil")

ANyway.. I am trying to be "dude" about all this.. and be all like:

But, nothing gets me more fired up then a bunch of FREAKNG BS so I am feeling a little more like this:

End Rant thanks, for listening.