The story of our rings

Hello everyone.

We're just 19 days away from wedding day-- I am so excited it is making me sick to my stomach.

I just want everything to be perfect. Everyone to be happy. and every moment remembered.

We bought our rings over the weekend. Well, HE bought our rings.

We really procrastinated on buying rings, but I am kind of glad we did because we really ended up at the right time, at the right place, to get the perfect rings for us.

I am not your typical bride, bling-bling doesn't really wow me, but sentimentality does. And Rob, like most guys, doesn't wear jewelry normally so he was having a hard time committing to something he will wear every day.

After going around to a few shops, we were feeling a little frustrated. Rob has pretty slim fingers, so all the rings he was liking were going to need to be special ordered-- taking over a month to receive, obviously, we didn't have have kind of time.

We walked into this Hawaiian import jewelry store, not expecting much, but hoping...

We found his ring first-- it is a white gold band with a maile leaf pattern all the way around the band. The Maile leaf grows in Hawaii, in ancient times only kings and queens could wear maile leaf leis. 

The maile represents, Aloha (Love), Ho'ohanohano (honor) and Mahalo (respect)-- I thought this was perfect, because I was looking for a way to include the claddagh ring into his ring which represent, Love, Loyalty & Friendship. 

I've worn a claddagh ring that is very special to me since I was nine, so the meaning of the ring has always been important to me. So when I was looking at rings for him, I was trying to find rings that held similar meaning.

While we were discussing getting Rob's ring sized-- We found my ring.

Now, I was having a hard time finding a ring that looked GREAT with my engagement band. I really didn't want to move my ring to another finger-- ya know, I am all sentimental and stuff-- I was trying on skinny bands with diamonds, and not really feeling it.. so when I saw my ring, I got really excited.

Then it fit perfectly over my engagment band. Once I had the ring on, the sales associate told us the meaning of MY ring, Rob and I looked at each other. He asked if I loved it, I said yes, and he said "lets wrap 'em up"

So my ring is a Plumeria flower--they symbolize serenity, faith, devotion, aspiration and surrender.

We thought the meaning of our individual rings were so perfect for our new roles as Husband and Wife.

So we were really excited about our rings, and as we were being rung up the lady asked us where we are getting married-- When we mentioned "Orlando area" she proceeded to tell us about this wonderful place she likes to visit when she goes to Orlando. She couldn't remember the name, based on her discription, we knew she was talking about Blue Springs.

So Rob said, "Are you talking about Blue Springs"

she said, "YES! YES! Oh how I love that place!"

we said, "That's where we had our first date! First Kiss! and it is the place we got engaged!"

It was a lovely bit of serendipity, and it really made me feel like we found rings with great energy, lovely meaning, and somehow, our favorite place found its way all the way across the country to remind us that we are doing good.

See I told you guys I was all sentimental and stuff.

Buckle up, my blog is about to turn into a wedding post mess!



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  1. The wedding won't be perfect, but the best weddings aren't :) It will be very happy, and very memorable. <3

    The rings are beautiful, perfect and meaningful which is the most important thing of all :) My rings all gave me rashes and Rob's didn't fit, so we just don't wear them. (Debbie Downer comment, haha)


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