Neighbors that Rock and malibu hikes.

So one of my blog posts has been attracting a lot of spam activity, it's weird. So I went back to requiring word verification, sorry guys!

I've had an incredible week!

In fact, I met someone really cool. Out of respect to my neighbor I am going to have to be vague, but my neighbor across the courtyard from me is in a pretty popular band (you can hear their music on the opening credits of a popular NBC series)-- Of course he didn't tell me all this-- and we spent about 2 hours talking about the universe, yoga and spiritual stuffs--so I found out after looking up his band when I got home later that day.. SO anyway, the other night I popped by his apartment to give him a CD of my grandfathers music (my grandfather has gold albums, so I like to share his stuff with other musicians).

I enter the apartment, classical music in the back ground, and a man with intense brown eyes is sitting at a table in front of a chess board-- My neighbor introduces us, I shake his hand and apologize for interupting the chess game.. I'm no good at chess, but I know how intense the concentration can be.

So anyway, I keep looking at my neighbors friend. I know him from somewhere, but I can't pin it. I thought maybe I had just seen him around the neighborhood-- Then it clicked. My neighbor was sitting with a music legend..

I can give you one hint as to who this man was (remember, I am trying not to sell out my neighbor here) The name of this blog is a nod to a song written by the guy I met.

So, if you know what the title of my blog is referencing.. Then you will know who I met.

Once it all clicked, I freaked! I have to admit, I was REALLLLLLY  glad that I didn't recognize him at first because this man is a real artist-- He doesn't care about fame, he has never "sold out" and I have MAD respect for every move he has made in his career.

Had I recognized him, I would have totally made myself look like a huge dork!

I really love living in LA because it just seems like everyone I meet is DOING something awesome-- My neighborhood especially-- so many talented musicians & artists live around here. Just walking around the hood means you get to hear some really quality band practices happening. It's awesome. 

R ended up only having to work 4 hours on Sunday, so we hiked in Malibu with our good Buddy G yesterday... we did some real rock climbing too-- I have to say, climbing vertically requires some true grit! Going down-- even scarier! It was a good day.

AND, all the wedding freak out crap is falling into place. Only 26 more days and I am a MRS!

How are things with you people?





  1. I *think* from Googling that I know who you're talking about, that's crazy! You live in such a fascinating place! :)

  2. ;) He was also on Colbert Report somewhat recently.

    LA is definitely a fascinating place filled with lots of talent!

  3. I've heard rumor that he's a nice guy.

    That's something I love about NYC, too... I'm always meeting awesome people who are doing awesome things. It's so inspiring to get out there and do the same.

    1. Right? Meeting all these talented people makes me want to stop being butthead and just put myself out there-- Takes some true grit to be someone!


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