New start + a goodbye.

I've decided to say goodbye to this little blog of mine.

I really love all the memories I got to share here, but I am ready to start anew, and move in a different direction with my writing, documenting, art, life... everything.

SO if you would like to see an improved version of my blogging.

Go check me out on my new blog:

We Lutz Love

There will be some of the same, a lot of new.. Contributions from Rob. My art. His art.

I hope to create an improved representation of who we are, what we are up to, and look forward to you all joining us.

If you follow along, great! If not, then thanks for reading This must be the Place.



  1. Wow, this brought a little tear to my eye. I will really miss this place! :( This Blog just may be the first Blog I followed, and has been a fave since the very beginning of my Blogging days!
    This isn't goodbye, but... To "This Must Be The Place", it's been fun :)

  2. Congratulations on your wedding, and yay for a new blog and fresh start! I'll be following you there, obv:)


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