Running, losing, juicing & loving.

Namaste & good morning Bloggy friends.

I am feeling MUCH better this week.

I started running (again)-- and this time I have been running in my Vibram Five Fingers which makes running so much more fun! Aside from a few discomforts-- I've actually been enjoying my runs. Who woulda thunk it?

My neighborhood is filled with San Fran worthy hills, so I've been getting really strong physically & my endurance levels have sky rocketed-- I'm sure this is why I am feeling so good.

Have I shared that I have finally gotten down to 140lbs? Well I have. In the beginning of 2012 I was about 173, and now I am 143 (and on good mornings 140!) This is a huge accomplishment for me, I have been battling with this extra weight since my Chicago days-- I left Chicago in 2008.

When I moved to Chitown I was a slender athletic build weighing in somewhere between 130-135, and by my third winter, I was a whopping 185lbs. Even with carrying weight as evenly as I do, I was looking pretty chunky.

In 2008 I lost about 20 lbs before I moved back to FL, then for almost 4 years I would gain 10, lose 5, gain 3, lose 10, gain... lose, gain...

Anywho, I am so close to being at my healthiest weight, and I am really proud of myself-- especially since we are headed back to Orlando in a short 24 days-- I think everyone will be surprised.. I've lost 20 lbs since moving to CA.

Whew, that felt nice to say-- I am proud of myself. We should tell ourselves we are proud of how far we've come more often, don't ya think?

So I've been running, and it has been good fun. I've also been juicing once or twice a day, and I'm obsessed.

My favorite juicing concoctions:

Wake-up call:
4 red apples (green works well too!)
1 hand of ginger
(Sometimes I put a carrot in there too, yum yum!)

Sometimes I put a little more ginger in for some extra zing, but I must warn.. this is a spicy drink! If you have an adversion to spice, use the ginger with caution.

Green Goddess Lunch in a cup:
1-2 large cucumber(s)
a handful of arugula
a handful of kale
1 lemon (peeled)
1/2 inch of ginger
a little bit of wheat grass

My skin looks nice and clear too-- Living in L.A. I have the smog working against my efforts to have clear skin, so the juicing has been a great helper from the inside. :)

What else can I bore you people with this find morning?

  • Our wedding is in 26 days-- I've been working on a few posts wherein I express my thoughts on becoming someones wife, changing my last name, maybe being a mother one day, and all the things that come with marrying someone.
  • I went to my first "Leather Bar" last night with my neighbor last night. I have never seen so many manly, burly bearded gay men in my life. This was a "tame" night, so there was really not leather action happening, but it was definitely interesting to see a bunch of gay dudes, that "looked" really, really straight. I know this makes me sounds like I have a limited veiw on homosexuality, but don't get it wrong.. I don't.. I just know way more gay guys that are more obvious, than gay guys who look like they belong in a death metal band. 
  • I love L.A! FREAKING LOVE IT. Every day, I fall more in love with this strange city-- I think I might love LA more than Chitown. 

Okay, time to make my dude some breakfast and get on with the day!

What is happening in your life. Everyone who reads this, tell me something awesome about your past week in a comment!

LOVE to all!


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