Mr & Mrs (Finally)!

Welp, we are now Mr & Mrs!

I love being married to my best friend, it is such a fun feeling!

The day was absolute perfection.

Actually, our entire week in Florida was perfect. We are greatly indebted to all the wonderful people in our life. 

Despite being sick to my stomach all morning with nerves, the day shaped up to be more perfect than I could have ever imagined.

We have about 6 weeks before we get the pro-shots-- I am really proud of how we put it all together so I can't wait to share all the details. Our wedding was a true reflection of who we are, and it was most definitely the best day of our life!

Things around here are going to change a bit-- so bare with me as I make the changes.. and yes.. there will be several wedding posts over the next few weeks. I hope you're ready!

If you are on IG, there are more wedding photos tagged: #lutzlove

(By the way, I'm rypeace on IG, let's be friends?)

I hope everyone is doing well. Rob goes back to work on Monday, so I'll be stocking your blogs again this week.


xoxox r


  1. Congrats! Glad it was such an awesome day for you :)

  2. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. And he's all right too, but you look seriously amazing. I am so thrilled for you. :)


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