Wedding freak outs Nick Cage Style.

Welp, wedding planning has officially become a huge freaking pain in my big' ole behind.

My (future) Sister in-law works at a restaurant near our wedding venue so I gave her a buzz yesterday to see if we could reserve one of the rooms for after wedding eating/drinking.

During our conversation she informed me that she had to work that day-- I asked why, and she told me Winter Park (our hometown) is having their St Patrick Parade on March 3rd.

Obviously my jaw drops because our venue is OFF of the main drag in Winter Park, "Park Avenue." So I think to myself, OK.. the parade could be in the morning, NBD.

The parade starts at 2. Our ceremony is at 330 and it is our doors.

Even though the parade will be over by the time we were suppose to say "I do" there will still be parade festivities, lots of people.. It's a problem.

SO Rob and I decided to just have a private ceremony where we got engaged (which, if you have been following along here, was the original plan, but we opted to do everything at the same place because we couldn't figure out how to budget for the 2 locations in a reasonable way.)

ANYWAY, the venue was pretty apologetic for the mishap, and offered to cover whatever costs we will take on for moving the ceremony. Okay, so everything is alright.. No big deal. I am zen. I am flexible. People can still try to arrive at 330, if they are late because of traffic no big deal, they will be there in time for the music to start, and we'll all still have fun.

WELL then I get a call from a certain person (people) who shall remain nameless protesting Rob and I having the ceremony at Blue Springs-- Actually it was more of a good cop/bad cop thing. One sympathizing, the other bitching. At this point I was in shock that anyone would have ANYTHING to say about it considering we are not in control of the city changing parade day.

Then.. THEN I was told that this wouldn't have happened if we were getting married in a church.

First of all, I don't see how getting married in a building that MEN built is more holy than getting married in a natural setting of God-made greenery.

Second of all, I am SO freaking sick of being ridiculed by certain people for not being a catholic. NEWS FLASH! Rob is not a catholic either! We both grew up as Catholics, and we both grew out of being catholic ON OUR OWN.


I was "keepin calm, and carrying on" trying to see the change as a good thing, and then you have the balls to call me and complain about being inconvenienced to get in a freaking LIMO, sitting in it for a whopping 40 mins, watch us get married, take some pictures, get BACK IN THE LIMO, have a little drinky, and be dropped off at our reception.

I'm sorry, but this wedding was going to be an all day affair for our parents and bridal party whether this parade happened or not, the only thing that is changing is now we have to be ready by 11 instead of 1 so we can have nice pictures & a private ceremony. If anyone should be all pissy about this it is ME, the BRIDE. I SHOULD BE THE ONE ALL PISSED OFF, and you know what.. NOW I am pissed because someone has the AUDACITY to tell me that this wouldn't have happened if we were getting married in a church..

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT------ &^%$*(#$@%$%&^%*^*&$%^#%$@$@#%^$^&%^&$

UGH. I am seriously 2 seconds away from cancelling our flights to Florida, and getting married in Vegas, in a CHURCH run by ELVIS in a BLACK dress with all my devil worshiping emblems, since clearly not being a catholic makes me a devil worshiper or something.

Even though Catholics are the most PAGAN humans next to full blown practicing Pagans. (Not that I think pagans are Devil Worshipers, I don't -- "the Devil is a Christian creation, they can keep him"-- evil is universal, not "the devil")

ANyway.. I am trying to be "dude" about all this.. and be all like:

But, nothing gets me more fired up then a bunch of FREAKNG BS so I am feeling a little more like this:

End Rant thanks, for listening.


  1. Hope all of it works out!
    Wish you the best!

  2. Oh man, lots of stressors! Just remember that the day itself will be AMAZING in so many ways. Hopefully all this stuff will clear up and be resolved soon <3


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