Beet the Sunrise

I've been juicing a lot lately, and pretty much I am obsessed.

This week I started juicing beets.

I've never really liked beets much-- I usually just roast them in the oven with other root veggies with some olive oil, S&P-- but I started reading about how good they are for you, so I had to give 'em a try in the juicer.

Beet Benefits:

1. Beets are a great source of iron. Since I am a vegetarian woman, I am more prone to anemia than my carnivore friends. Smart vegetarians fill their diet with iron rich veggies, and beets are top notch.

2. Beets are "cleansing"-- Great for liver/kidney function & purifying your blood with all those antioxidants.

3. Beets have good carbs, so they are instantly energizing.

4. Beets contain betaine, typtophan, and niacin all of which aid in depression-- relaxing the mind and creating a sense of well being.

5. 100% beet juice is a great sub for your evening cocktail. Throw some ginger in the mix, and you'll have a nice little alcohol-free buzz goin.

6. AND they are good for just about everything else: Digestion, complexion, libido, vitamin replenishment (magnesium, calcium, potassium, Vit A, B, & C, folic acid) and more!

It's good stuff.

Here is my favorite Beet Juice recipe:

2 beets (sm-med)
2 apples (whatever color you like)
3-4 carrots
1 hand of ginger (use less if you don't like it spicy)

Juice & enjoy!

Have a healthy weekend!



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  1. For almost a year straight I was all about the juicing, but then I got sick of cleaning the juicer and ended up shoving it in the back of my pantry where it's been for atleast a year. It's an expensive racket, too! Maybe I should get back into it, although I noticed I gained weight and was at my heaviest when I juiced!


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