Big News

Okay the exciting news couldn't wait.


It all went down at our favorite spot in the state,
Blue Springs State Park.
This is where we shared our first kiss back in 2004.
It is where we spent many summer afternoons as friends,
sharing secrets and ambitions.
It is where I wanted him to take me the second I moved back from Chicago,
and it is a place we plan on having a wedding ceremony.

It is such a special place to us, he really couldn't have made the proposal more perfect.
He also couldn't have found a ring that was more me.
A simple gold band with beautiful flower and leaf filigree.
When I saw it, my heart melted because it screamed  
Rob and Ryan.
A perfect symbol of us.

(I'm not a fan of the diamond industry)

Tuesday was simply the best day of my life. I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing guy, with such an amazing family, and so many friends and family members who are bouncing off the walls with excitement for us.

We celebrated over dinner at The Fat Snook, which had some of the best food I have ever put in my mouth. When he told the waitress that he asked me to marry him earlier in the day,
I almost lost it. 
But... to my surprise I didn't cry at all, I was just so overjoyed with excitement and love that all of my energy was being used on ear to ear grins and fluttering heart beats.

I didn't really expect engagement to feel different, but to my surprise it does..
It's like having a really awesome yoga session, then drinking a ton of water and a glass of red.. all the time.
It's warm and fuzzy and relaxing and exiting and quite lovely.

We are really looking forward to enjoying this time, moving in together and making plans for the future. 

We've decided to have a long engagement so we can have all of our loved ones there and we'd really like to have a solid 5-10-15 & 20 year plans in the works. 

Up until our engagement we have always been an "in the moment" couple; We never discussed the finer details of having a future together-- like retirement, or where exactly we wanted to settle. 
We just knew if we weren't together for the rest of our lives, we'd likely fall apart at the seams and be miserable forever. 

We knew we had similar ideas about children, and dogs. We knew we wanted to "work out of the house," and have our own business, we knew we wanted to travel a lot, and live in different parts of the country and we knew we wanted to do it all together.

I have to admit, while sometimes I was frustrated that we rarely talked about the future in detail, I am so excited that it is something we get to do to make our engagement special. 
It was really worth the wait

To be honest, brides-to-be are my least favorite people on the planet because it is like all rational thought goes out the window to plan their special day..  
{Not all but most}
It's MY DAY! It's my day! 
WHY can't you spend $1k that you don't have to travel across the country for MY DAY!
Haha, so crazy. 
{That really happened to me, I lost a long time friend because her bridezilla shenanigans were going to cost me my living situation, and she couldn't seem to wrap her pretty little head around that}

That's not me, or us.
We're excited about treating our friends and family to a nice celebration, but not at the cost of our sanity or savings.. 
This is what happens when you get two INTJ's together.

So that's my news, I have been and will be incredibly busy the next several days, so don't forget about me if I go MIA, I'll be back. 


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  1. How has nobody commented on this yet?! Congrats!

    Your engagement story is just awesome, and I'm so happy for you. :)

  2. I read in one of your past entries that you had some big news after spending a few days with him...and I totally called it!

    Congratulations! Very sweet story, I love how he brought your whole relationship full-circle with his proposal. Quite romantic.

    Maybe the fact that you never worried or stressed about the future together is what will help you create one?


  3. BAHHHH!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Now there really isn't an excuse not to get together, we must celebrate!!!!
    I'm so excited for you both!! Engagement really does feel different, enjoy it, and tell everybody! It's totally awesome to see their faces! :)

  4. So excited for you!! :))
    Let the fun begin!!

  5. Dude. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be the flower girl.

  6. OMG!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! I have a confession i got so excited by the news that i immediately wanted to comment. I am going to go back am read the post.

    I am happy for both of you. I wish you a beautiful wedding and a great marriage!!!!

    Congrats Ryan


  7. Well congratulations! As someone who has been engaged twice and never once has the proposal been romantic, I'm not only envious of you, but also think you've got a great guy and a great life ahead of you! Oh, and I love the pic with the red arrow pointing to where you were! haha Perfect!

  8. Thank you everyone! It is very exciting, and I can't stop smiling! We've been getting so much love from everyone! :)


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