Ring and other things.

A little blogfast-interruption to share a picture of my pretty ring & some others things..

{Is it me or do my hands look really old in this picture?}

This ring is so special to me to me already.
Sometimes I feel silly for being so in love with an inanimate object.
I know I have said this before, but the guy really nailed it.
I am quite impressed with his jewelry picking skills if I do day so myself.

Engagement has been really sweet; filled with lots of love and support from our friends and family.
Who knew engagement makes so many people happy? 
I think the best part has been the shift in our behaviors toward each other.

Since we never really discussed the future in detail prior to being engaged, those conversations have been such a treat; and on Monday we discovered while looking for dish/glass wares that while we have very different decor taste, we have very good ideas on how to merge the two together.
{The perks of two artists in love.}

We love World Market; I can't wait to show off share our apartment with our family and friends.

This was suppose to be about the ring, and here I am talking about World Market. 

xo, r


  1. That ring is beautiful, and so unique!

  2. Agreed. It's not a traditional choice and that's what makes it awesome. How many times has someone shown you an engagement ring and you think, "Wow, cool, it looks like the last 200 rings that I've seen?" So yes, it's very beautiful.

    Happy to hear your relationship dynamic has changed for the better! You can always reflect and be happy...but now you can look forward and be excited too!


  3. Hi. Your hand doesn't even look old. But I lOVE your ring. Engagement is such a beautiful phase.


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