On Love

Love is a funny thing.

Love has made me happy and sad. 
It has made me laugh and cry. 
It has broken my heart and mended it back together again. 
It has gotten me out of bed in the morning and let me dream sweetly at night.. 
When all else has failed me, love has always found a way.
Even when I didn't believe in love, love believed in me.

Love is also the only thing (other than maybe tattoos) that truly hurts so good.

I ache for my love. 
I long for afternoons spent in the sun, holding hands, talking about big ideas that make no sense.
Nights cocooned in down comforters, and mornings spent sipping french pressed coffee.

The first time I saw Rob, I knew I had to know him. 

I realized that I actually loved him late one night, March 2008.
We were watching Being John Malkovich and sipping on a red that was way past its prime. 
He picked me up earlier that night to take me on our  
second first date, Sushi.
This was the first night I had been home in a year, and the last night I wanted to live in Chicago.

Our first, first date was the summer of '04, and here we were with 4 years of friendship under our belts;
our hearts beating nervously, words shaking off our lips.. finally our time had arrived.

I didn't just want him to kiss me, I wanted him

I wanted to tell him right then and there that I loved him.
My heart was beating fiercely. 
It had been that way since he picked me up with no signs of returning back to normal. 
In that moment I remembered our first and only kiss the summer we met; just as I was remembering how the sun felt on his lips, I could feel him inching in on me. 

From that moment on we were doomed. 

I crept back into my parents house just after the sunrise, announced I was moving back to Florida, and 2 months later I was with my Rob again. 

We're completely, totally, and madly in love.
Sometimes I wish I hated him so my heart wouldn't ache for him so often.

When I am not with him my heart is slow, it feels unnatural and it hurts.
It's a heart that belongs in a different chest. 
When we're together it's the world that slows; and the flame within my heart is lit. 

I'm missing my sweet love today. 
I miss how I feel inside his hugs. I miss how his voice sounds when he rambles about something that excites him. I miss his fuzzy beard and fluffy head. I miss his laughter and sweet kisses.
He's the missing piece to the puzzle.
The yin to my yang. 
He's the honey in my hive.
A blanket on a cold night
A tall drink of water on a hot summer day,
The light at the end of the tunnel.
The love of my life and my best friend.

Our cedar tree, Mosquito Lagoon FL
Love is when you are home in a strange place.
It's a smile in your chest.
It's a naive melody that soothes the soul.



  1. Oh wow. This post was absolutely brilliant.

  2. Love this! Now I'm all warm & fuzzy.

  3. who doesn't love love! :) Thanks for stopping by ladies. :)

  4. How adorable are you! Great post lady! That love stuff, it gets ya!



  5. Thanks for this, I've been missing my love all summer. some days its almost unbearable!
    you reminded me just now how sweet and sad love really is in the same time.


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