Good Morning, Monday!

You know who makes me crazy? People who dread Monday. 

I mean how can you dread a day of your life? I know Monday is the furthest day from the weekend, and characteristically, Mondays tend to be the screwiest day of the week, especially if you work in an office.. but you know what I say?

Each day is exactly how you want it to be, you can choose to enjoy it for all its quirks (good & bad) or not.

I think Mondays are great. A new chapter. Didn't work out enough last week? Well try harder this week. Ate like a pig last week? Eat better this week. 

(BTW, I am not sure what my deal was last week, but working out and eating healthy were not on the agenda.. you win some.. you lose some, I'm pretty sure I gained 2.)

No.. you still hate Mondays? well.. whatever.

//end rant.

This weekend was spent with friends. On Friday night there was a surprise party for my good friend Kayla  who is moving to Orlando for a job-- a job she is actually excited about. I am happy for her, but selfishly, I am sad that she wont be bopping by my casa after work for some vino and girl talk. After a few glasses of wine, I caved, and shed a few tears because even though she will only be a whopping 2.5 hours away.. 2.5 hours is just long enough to be a pain in the ass to just go for the day.

I'm just saying.

On Saturday, I was tired and grumpy... but I managed to make it to the home depot with R so we could price out some supplies for our garden. We always have fruiting plants, but lately we've been lackadaisical about our garden (& laundry, & cleaning) so we thought a little garden make-over would get us pumped up again.

Of course Tropical Storm Debbie is causing us to worry that our plants will drown, but the south-east coast of FL seems to be fairing well with the rains (and pretty much no wind). We needed the rain so badly.

Whilst perusing the wood section of the home depot (my favorite isle-- I love the smell of lumber) I remembered that I've been meaning to try out Masonite Board in lieu of canvas, so I had the guy cut some in half for me, and I am just waiting for the gesso to dry so I can start painting.

I am a texture person, so I am pretty exited to see how my paintings look on a grittier texture. Plus, I feel like one of the Highway Men-- all their paintings are done on Masonite too. ;)

After taking a nap on Saturday I went to the mall with Kayla where we ate cupcakes and searched for luggage. Having failed at luggage we decided to go to TJ Max and find something cute to wear.

I scored this cute dress.

Thanks mom!

And then R and I went out for round 2 of drinks with friends. We normally don't go out, so having gone to two functions revolving around alcohol, I must say.. I am rather happy to have my health today because yesterday R ended up sleeping & being sick all day, and I was feeling a little poopy as well.

We had fun though, and it has been really awesome meeting locals. I drank a beer called Yetti, and it was so good. At one point the bartender said to me, "One more of these and I'm gonna start looking reaaaal good"

Its dark and strong. R and I had to split the 3rd. 

Having a slow Sunday was great motivation to stock up on some really healthy-energizing groceries, and recommit myself to a full schedule at the gym/yoga this week. My mom will be here in TEN days! Which means.... in eleven days I will be forced to try on wedding dresses-- so I need to get with the program so I don't feel like a bloated pig! :)

Now I am off to the Red Cross to learn how to do Disaster Education with the simulator (Its an RV that simulates fires, hurricanes & tornado-- cool right?) Then, I'm going to find myself a summer part time because business is SLOW. I'm thinking I want to hit up the new Tevana in the mall-- Best Tea EVER.



  1. You are gorgeous. Love that dress. You don't even need to worry about "losing" anything. You look perfect!

  2. Well aren't you a pretty little thing! Love the dress!
    I have to admit I'm a Monday hater. I wish I didn't have to work, and leaving my cozy bed after a relaxing weekend to go to the office isn't fun. TODAY HOWEVER, is the beginning of what will be the BEST week of my life. Getting married on Saturday, lots to do before, lots of people to see and lots of jitters to calm. Monday can hang around as long as it wants...
    Sounds like a fun weekend and oh - very excited to hear about dress hunting! - Rachel


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