This & That Friday, v.3 The R&R wedding edition.

Okay, so this one is for Chelsea at Perfect in my Mind. 

She's just so sugary-sweet, I had to indulge her with a wedding post per her request.  :)

Now, I should say that when it comes to all this wedding stuff, I am in WAY over my head.

Here are some of our problems.

A. We want(ed) to have a small intimate wedding.. But I have a HUGE family, that I am rather close with.. So picking favorites isn't really an option. Our (invited) guest list is at about 90 people right now, and I have about 20 singles, who may or may not bring a guest. I am not putting ..and guest  on most of the invitations, but unfortunately, I don't think etiquette was beat into the heads of most of our friends like it was in my family-- so uninvited people are inevitable, and I just need to be gracious about it.. blah.

{You can all know I will actually be scoffing in my head}

B. We don't want to spend more than $4k on this shin-dig-- but we want it to look nice, we want to food and drink to be plentiful & awesome, a good photographer and we want live music. This can be tricky on a small budget. I am confident we can do it-- but not without stress.

If you are going to throw a party, throw a freaking party. 

C. I suck at asking people for help. I am lucky however that some of my aunts & grandmother have both offered to help with some of the details-- even if all they can help with is man-power.

I should also mention, that unlike most Grooms, R has opinions about things. This is helpful & frustrating. Helpful because it is a day that is about the BOTH of us, and frustrating because he doesn't really know how much things cost & doesn't really research his opinions. ;)

SO all that being said... Here are some images that we have found inspiring for our March wedding.


source unknown




We're having the ceremony and reception at The Winter Park Farmers Market.

We him-hawed around about the location of the ceremony-- since we really wanted to have it at Blue Springs (where we got engaged & had our first kiss) but, renting chairs, setting up, breaking down, and all that jazz just made things a little too complected, so we decided to do our pictures at Blue Springs BEFORE the wedding, and have our first look at our special place. This way we can still incorporate the place that has been so special to us over the years, without make our day too complected..

Plus the farmers market is in our home town, and we've spent plenty of Saturdays buying veggies there.. so it will be fun.

AND... I know a lot of our family members will want to witness the ceremony.. so now we can include everyone.

As far as decor goes we want to keep it colorful, green and fun. Chalk boards, pictures, cactus, sunflowers, beer & wine (we're going to make some R<3R wine labels), DIY, grey suits for him, teal dresses (I think) for the girls, a whimsical cake that features our love of the shrooms & nature, and I totally LOVE that "memory lane" runner-- If we can find a way to do this inexpensively I am totally doing it. AND instead of having a sit down dinner, I want to make a bunch of really colorful (healthy) & fun appetizers that pair well with our beer and wine selection.

This also means we will be having the wedding between the hours of 3-7, so folks aren't starving.. and still have the option of eating dinner at a reasonable hour, after the wedding. The heavy appetizer & cake thing was the only way we could realistically have all our friends and family attend & still serve beer and wine & still make the event look nice.

I'm sorry but beer and wine are important when you have a really large, dysfunctional family. ;)

AND since we are big fans of music, so are looking to hire this guy to play at the ceremony and reception! :)

Okay, that's all for now.

Have a great & safe weekend,



  1. Ahh! So excited for you! If you need any help let know! I'm close and can meet to help you plan love! I looove weddings, and numbers are my thing! :D can't wait to see your ideas all together!!

  2. Love, love, love, LOVE!!!! It is going to be amazing. I am so glad you did this. I follow you on Pinterest, so I had kind of an idea--but this just makes me so excited for you!

  3. Oh my god, I LOOOOVVE that idea for the aisle at the ceremony. That is the coolest wedding idea I've ever seen.

  4. ^I'm seconding what Miss Sparrow said. I was most impressed by that runner for the aisle...why don't more people do this? I think it's a wonderful reflection of the past and symbolic of moving toward the future.

    That reception room is very pretty :) Blue Spring has a lot of appeal, but I think you made a good, practical choice.


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