On Easter Slaying Me

Oh Easter! You slay me.

I tend to stay away from really talking about RELIGION-- I mean, I'll talk about my spiritual journey very loosely, however never in depth, but since I have seen my fair share of blood and gore this morning on FB, I thought I'd chime in.. It's not fair that my positive outlook on Spirituality gets tackled by fear mongers-- and somehow that's okay because they are "Christian" and I am not-- Not to mention, World Religion is my Forte, so I have some stuff to say about this.

Between giant bunnies and a bloody man on the cross, I'm cross eyed.

As a non-religious, but very spiritual (former Catholic) scientific woman of the universe, I have similar sentiments to this holiday as I do Christmas; Indifferent, yet slightly annoyed by the lack of education surrounding the history of this day.

My facebook wall is filled with pictures of Jesus in all his bloody, crown of thorn glory.. and while I believe Jesus existed, and was a wonderfully astute philosopher of his time, I'm not really down with the guilt ridden-fear mongering that exists in the Christian faith. (Sorry). Not to mention the complete disregard for the many philosophers that came before Him.

I find it to be quite ironic that all of these folks on my Facebook wall come out of the wood works to prove what kind of Christians they are, "LIKE THIS IF YOU BELIEVE" when in reality, most of them are actually really awful people and worship their abusive boyfriends/Going out to bars far more than they worship their God..

I don't want to get into what I think makes someone an awful person, but I will keep it simple: Racism, religious discrimination, hypocrisy, ignorance and irresponsibility for ones actions are all contenders. I don't think that folks who partake in undesirable behaviors should be stoned, but I do think if you are going to post a graphic picture of a man with nails through is hands & feet, and talk about how he DIED for us and how important that is, then you should walk the walk-- of course that is not the case.  

Perfection is not my aim, however self-awareness is.

I know I have referenced this situation a lot lately, but it really put some things in perspective for me.. When I was in that altercation with the unnamed soul, who decided to attack my spiritual beliefs after berating me for 45 minutes, and then audaciously suggested that I rejoin the Catholic Church I wanted to say:

"WHY!? So I can treat people like shit, and then go to confession so I could be right with God again?"

For those of you who don't know what I am referring to, refresh your memory here.

I am no better than anyone else, but I would never attack someone for their beliefs (disagree & express my opinion maybe) but never degrade. 

Actually, I don't need to rejoin any Church to be a good person. I have a personal relationship with my God, where I have promised to walk the walk, and talk the talk to the best of my ability. Am I perfect, hell no! Am I a hypocrite, HELL to the NO.  I appreciate the many philosophers & Art my God has populated this planet with since the beginning of time, Jesus included and if I died right now, I can say in full confidence, I'd be going to a good place-- whether I am reincarnated, or floating through the universe, when it comes to my spirituality, I am at peace.

Here's a fun little history lesson: Easter has Pagan roots.

Attis, who was believed to have been born via a virgin birth centuries before Jesus even existed, died and was resurrected each year after the spring equinox-- When the Christians were "taking over" they converged the stories so Christianity would be more appealing to Pagans. In the beginning of Christan history, the pagans and Christians fought a bitter fight, over whose God(s) were more valid-- essentially. Of course most of the Pagans, Jews & other non-Christians were murdered, but ya know, that's never talked about.

Killing in the name of God, how freaking stupid is that? This is not an attack on Christians, I'm pretty sure most groups of "organized religions" have killed in the name of "God."

Another thought is that Jesus was modeled after Krishna, the second man of the Hindu Trinity. Christians of course said this was the work of Satin-- creating false deities, but you know what I say..

Satin is a Christian creation, so they Christians can keep him.

There is good in the world, and there is evil.. and I personally think if some of these "Christians" would take a good long look at themselves, Jesus, who I believe was a splendid man, whose purpose on this planet was to heal and whose story has been stolen by primarily by bigots, would be very disappointed in the culture that claims his name.

Unconditional love or not.

My point here is not to attack a group of people, but to defend the the millions of people out there, myself included, who are ridiculed by hypocritical jerks in the name of Jesus, and Easter is especially "in your face" since it is such an important holiday to Christians.

What I did take from my Catholic roots is that we are all forgiven, there is always a chance to reconcile, but in the grand scheme of things, people aren't stupid, and calling yourself a Christian does not make you a good person. Maybe I am bitter because in the south someone will praise God and use that very same breath to utter a racial/political slur, but what it comes down to is, we are all connected, and I really hope these people find what they are looking for, because 90% of these people really don't have "WWJD" on their mind. 

And isn't that the whole point of being a Christian?

I'd like to add that in the grand scheme of things I have nothing against "Christians", but I do have something against people who are hypocrites, and today I have seen far too many hypocrites post crap about Jesus & Easter, and quite frankly I find it offensive and infuriating-- Especially when I have a huge respect for Jesus as a philosopher of good & moral things.

I know some amazing people who are Christians. Do a agree with them, no I don't-- I don't like to disregard historical "facts" in my personal philosophy, but the truth is, out of all the Christians I know, I know exactly 3 who aren't hypocritical, and who actually live the kind of life that the bible talks about. They worship, they tithe, and they live an honest, moral life.


Have a great Sunday, and if you have something negative to say about this post, think twice, intolerance of my opinion is not accepted here, after all it's my blog. : P

Have a fabulous day-- However you chose to spend it.




  1. Thank you for writing this! What annoys me is the fact that people write all over Facebook, "This isn't about BUNNIES it's about JESUS." Well, for me, it IS about bunnies, and chocolate. And that's okay!

    I thought your mention of Satan was interesting - I read an article once about how hell is hardly even described in the Bible...most modern Christian images of hell come from Dante's "A Divine Comedy", which he wrote as a veiled criticism of the church and the pope at the time.

    I totally respect religion and have no problem with people reappropriating this Pagan celebration into a Christian one, but I think most people are totally missing the point. Just chill out and celebrate how you want to, whether that be with bunnies and eggs or mass. If you don't post about it on Facebook I promise I won't question your faith and neither will Jesus.

    This comment isn't super coherent, but anyway, thanks for posting this!

  2. Haha, any chance for me to shove my face with food and drink wine mid afternoon, I'll take it! :) Easter alway reminds me that I am allergic to chocolate (milk chocolate being to worst) sigh, hope you had a great day!

  3. I am sorry /lx''well said Ryan! I was raised Catholic as well and I remember the cross and bloody Jésus. I thought it was scary and disturbing, and still do, but life is harsh. I find it funny that Christians don't know the pagan history to Easter, and try to claim it as their own. Catholicsm gave me a good basis for faith, and jumping point to study the other faiths. My boss is Hindu, he thinks Christians are strange and doesn't understand them. It's interesting to hear his point of view and he always has some good food for thought. He's a cool guy too. I also find it amazing how most Americans know very little about other faiths, and don't really want to learn either. I think they think that studying other faiths will convert them, and they'll be ostracised, or something stupid like that. We have some tibetan prayer flags in our yard and someone called the city on us saying it looked like a used car lot. You can read more about that here: http://bit.ly/lx4iSS. Needless to say, since they are religious symbols, they city let them stay.


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