Calmer, Paint colors, baking soda hair & an award.

 For any of you who read my last post (which I deleted) I apologize for the negative Nancy rant-- it was 2am, I couldn't sleep and well... I was ticked, so what better place to vent than le blog.

I actually got a really sweet & astute email from an old friend that I have recently rekindled a relationship with-- it's funny, I majorly screwed up my friendship with this person and they have graciously taken me back-- since we have rekindled things, it has become very apparent to me that we met for a reason in the first place, and that I was a fool for hurting her the way that I did.

The gist of my previous post was something along the lines of..

"Wah-- My family hates me, I have anger issues & I'm pissed off at everyone!"

I realized that I tend to over analyze everything. The bottom line is, I just need to focus on myself, and the family I will have with Rob, the rest will take care of itself.

Life is so simple, yet so complicated.

When it comes to my family-- I realized today while talking to my father that he is there in his own special way. He lights up when I call him to ask for professional help: which paints to use, how to inspect prospect homes for major issues-- ya know, practical things. But when it comes to all the other stuff, he knows I can handle it on my own.

I finally told my dad about the situation that happened between Rob's aunt and I, and it was really nice to hear my father tell me that he thinks out of everyone he knows, I do everything as close to the right way as I can, and that alone gives me license to flat out ignore her.

My father and I have had a rough road, but I am starting to realize he is proud of me, regardless of whether or not he calls to check in on me. Sometimes I think I make parenting hard for my parents-- They've never had to worry about me because I am independent, and stubborn enough to never fall so hard that I can't get up again and 90% of the time I flat out refuse help. (Trust me I have fallen plenty of times.)

All that being said, I am feeling much better and ready to refocus my energy on what I need to be doing (again).

 Plus, my baking soda hair is looking pretty awesome these days-- In the very least that should make me happy! :)

Now onto more important things like paint colors and awards.

I bought paint today, and I can not WAIT to get it on the wall (if only the walls could paint themselves).

So I am going to paint the living room walls grey, and the Kitchen and front of the hall blue, and I am going to repaint the cabinets the yellow color (they are currently an ugly pastel yellow)-- I am hoping to have some extra yellow paint so I can do another accent wall in the office!

The rest of the walls are getting a fresh coat of bright white-- and our floors are a sliver, white and tan terrazzo! I LOVE IT, so Florida.

The image is a ROUGH example-- the colors are a little brighter/happier in real life.

Anyway, I am excited..

I am also going to buy some fabric for some new throw pillows in the living room. I am thinking a few black and white chevron pillows will look awesome-- I'll probably throw in some deep peacock blue pillows with some green accents to play off the view from the sliding glass door in the kitchen.

Happy colors = Happy home.

AND FINALLY I received an award from Rachel, you can find her lovely blog here! It's quite a complement to be thought of-- Blogging has really provided me with a great community of people and there is so much talent out there so it made my day! Thanks Rachel!

NOW I need to think about some blogs I want to pass this on to and then I will do my official award post :)

SO I really hope everyone is doing well. I'm pretty busy with the move right now, but I hope to catch up with everyone soon!




  1. I love that color scheme! I think grey and blue look wonderful together - you've followed me since ASOM was (500) Days of Shaneiferd, so you might remember the gray-blue theme I had for months. The header looked like crap, but I still miss it sometimes. Haha

    I believe you are focusing your energies in the right direction. Some people can be negative...that much is inescapable. Rekindling an old friendship, strengthening your relationship, and focusing on your time with R is the way to go. Namaste :)


    1. Thanks shane! Yeah, I was going for happy, but masculine. I figured that semi masculine colors would give me some wiggle room with more femme decor. :)

  2. I'm still working on the baking soda thing, and not fully sure I've got it right yet. But not ready to give up! Also congrats on the award and I like those colours :)

    1. I'll do a post soon on this, but I went through a few weeks of dandruff, and at one point I caved, used shampoo for a few days and went back in, and now it works great. If you are having oil issues, use lemon juice instead of apple cider. ,

  3. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and that I missed that post, but I'm glad things are going better now. :) You look adorable in that photo btw and I love the colors.

    1. Thanks and you didn't miss much other than my self pity haha. ;)

  4. Love those colors! It's gonna look great!

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