Painting, Sunday, Birthday & stuff.

I have one word for this fine Monday morning, and that's exhausted.

I am borderline getting a cold (however, I almost never get sick, so my guess is it will go away after the gym) and my neck and back are so stiff from all that painting this weekend.

R had Friday off, so we took advantage of that and tried to get some work done at the new place.

We got a lot done, but we still have a lot to do. I am glad we had the forethought to rent the place a month before we need to leave our current pad-- every closet, baseboard, wall, cabinet & floor surface needs a lotta TLC, we also discovered that the windows need some weather stripping.

I know we should probably make a list and give it to the landlords, but.. they are old, the husband has been sick, and I know we will do it the right way. I'd rather not start off my relationship with these people getting annoyed that they can't live up to my obnoxious expectations. I am a general contractors daughter for sure.

Nothing a little bleach, paint & tape can't fix!

We had a lovely Sunday spent with my friend and hersweet family-- they live on the same river that we live on, so her father showed us how to get from our place to theirs via boat-- this was the first time I was actually on the water here, and I must say I am quite impressed-- So much natural Florida! I can not wait to get the Kayaks out there.

Anyone out there a Mad Men fan? I love that show so much, how do you think the season will play out? A big OMFG is in order for last nights episode!

My kitties had a birthday on Friday! Happy 6 years to Bartlebe & Loki!

I really need to refocus on working out, eating right and getting my yoga on again.. I've been so sidetracked with life I am starting to worry about fitting in my MOH dress on May 5th! Send me the skinny vibes!



  1. You two look so adorable. :) And isn't Mad Men awesome? I'm not surprised at Joan's reaction but I love how she totally smacked Greg down. She not only questioned his manhood but also his devotion to his family...just awesome. And she'll be an awesome single mom :)

  2. I am getting over strep- I hope that's not what you had because it's horrid. :/


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