Saturday Rituals.

I wasn't going to post today, but here I am!

Saturday mornings for me are nice and quite. During the week I usually spend 7:30-8:30 trying to get R out the door. Before I moved in, he had a bad habit of forgetting to set an alarm clock and arriving to work late... really late....quite frankly he isn't a freak of nature morning person like I am, so getting out the door in the morning is a team effort.

So I like love Saturday and Sunday mornings, because until about 930-10 o'clock its all about me, the cats, my coffee and whatever I want to do. I usually pick a movie on Netflix that I have never seen before, clean the kitchen and get breakfast started. I get a good 3 hours of guilt free me time.

Whilst perusing movies, I saw Little Black Book, and realized that I kind of miss Brittany Murphy movies.. its a darn shame that she is gone, because even if some of the movies she was in were less then cerebral, she was cute, quirky and her acting was quite good. So I clicked on her name, found a bunch of movies on instant play, and the winner is Fallen Sky, which I have never seen and Brit is a lead in it so..

I am sure when R wakes up he will scoff at my taste in movies, but I have watched every Cohen Brother movies we own several times already, and Saturday mornings are my time, so I could care less what my sweet love has to say about that. <3

We've been pretty lazy on Saturdays lately, so we are planning a long 10 mile hike and picnic today. Should be a good time, and maybe we will bring the 5D and film/shoot some pics. :)

15 mile bike loop in the Everglades, Shark Vally.
Oh and BTW, I started P90x last night, and I really can not believe how sore I am. Its not like I went from doing NOTHING to P90x, I was working out before I started. I am really scared to do the video today. AND I have to do it before we hike, otherwise I wont. Ab Ripper X had to of been created by satin himself, it is 15 minutes of pure HELL.

My brain is hurting now, thinking before consuming coffee is painful.

Have a healthy Saturday! (Make good choices!)

xo, r

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  1. I would love to know your secret. I've been trying to turn myself into a freak-of-nature morning person, but can never seem to pull it off. I always get an insane burst of energy around 10:30 or 11 PM, and sleep never comes until 1 or 2. I love early mornings, though. It's a perfect time to breathe easy, relax, and prepare for the day.



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