Before and After

I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. It's a good thing too because it looks like we will be moving in April; moving an organized home is so much easier/enjoyable.

Hopefully I will finish this weekend; R and I have a pretty small space (about 900sqft) I'm hoping my tips will be useful to other bloggers. I love to design and organizing spaces.

I took a bunch of before pictures yesterday, so I'm thinking Monday will be the start of a new Before and After series. Not sure the direction I want to take, but my untidy spaces will be a start.

Here's a sneak peak...


I mentioned yesterday that my friend Tara and I entered into a weight loss competition. We're weighing in every Friday with LBS, inches and a picture. However we agreed to only share our pictures every 4 weeks so we can celebrate noticeable differences. I am entertaining the idea of sharing those images here, but I am not sure how brave I am feeling. Maybe if Tara will agree to share hers too.. I am a chicken I know.

I've got 30-35 LBS I would like to lose. I am 5'5, athletic build, and I would like my body fat percentage to be at about 18-20% not necessarily for this competition, but this year would be nice. (That's pretty lean, but for my build, I think it is very possible). In May I will be MOH in my best friends wedding, and she is absolutely gorgeous (and really fit), so I gotta match up for pics! Tara (my rival) is planning a trip to visit in April for our final weigh in/celebration.

Tara and I are both giving up alcohol for the competition. We are both at intermediate levels in our yoga practice, and she will be going Paleo, and it looking into cross fit gyms. I will be hanging out with p90x guy, actually doing the 90 day program, continuing my yoga practice, going to the gym and counting calories/eating clean.

We are both really interested in changing our lifestyle, so it will be a fun ride and a good excuse to talk more often!

How's everyone doing on their new years resolutions? I think this is the first year where I am still pumped about change this far into January. :P



  1. I didn't accomplish any of my goals for the new year yet, but January has been a good month so I can't complain. I understand what it is for the spring cleaning bug to hit you early...mine usually bites me in early January. Then, when people casually remind me that it's still wintertime, I tell them that I don't care. Usually while foaming at the mouth.

    Your before and after shot is very impressive. Jealous of such an organized closet. Hope you have more to post soon!

  2. That's awesome your taking control and making a change. I stopped smoking and started exercising and so far I've stuck to it! Good luck :)

  3. My aim this year has been to run more and eat better, and like you I'm surprised it's still going fairly well! Yay :)


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