I'm a machine!

Just wanted to throw down a quick update.

It's day seven of my P90x adventure, and I have to say I am so pumped up.

First of all I feel awesome, secondly I am so proud of myself for not only doing the videos but for waking up early and sneaking in some morning runs, and a couple hours of yoga practice. On Saturday and Wednesday I had to make alternate work out plans (Saturday we hiked 6 miles and Wednesday I woke up for an early run (thank god) and ended up having to pop midols and lay in the fetal position all day.

Which brings me to today, which is suppose to be a rest day.. but I did most of yesterdays video this morning, and decided to spend the last 30 mins of my workout enjoying the beautiful breeze that is bringing in some awesome storm clouds.

I would say this first week of P90x I was able to give about an 80% effort; I was tweaking my diet, schedule, mentality.. Some of the videos I couldn't give 100% because I only have 5lbs weights and no pull up bar, so I had to modify the moves. Next week I will take my video to the gym with me for two of the videos so I am able to use higher weights and pullup bars (P90x on the ipad, yo).

I learned this week that working out is all about lifestyle changes. You just have to show up and when you get there, if you can only work at 20% your maximum pace, then so be it..If you only have 20 minutes, raise the intensity. 20% is better than 0%. On Saturday R and I walked 6 miles in sand.. vigorously. Have you ever walked on sand? It's hard and we were hauling ass. Plus it's warm here right now.. 80s by noon. While we were walking I kept telling myself "you will go home and do that video".. and I did. I could only do 20 minutes of it before my legs turned to jelly, but even after a 6 mile hike I stayed committed to my program.

All week I just told myself "you have to show up" and I am so glad I did because finally after weighing myself today I am down two pounds from my start weight, which means I've really lost 3 pounds if you consider most of the week I was up a pound (and on target with my calories). Even though I knew that pound gained was muscle, I really wanted to see the number get smaller.

You see I have been carrying around all this extra weight for SO long. I always lose about 10 lbs, and then I gain it all back at the first sign of success.

I have been my own worst enemy for SO long, and actually committing to this is really going to change me.. Along with feeling and looking better physically, mentally, I have so much more clarity. Yoga was helping me develop discipline and focus, while exercise is working the devil out. (I am using the Devil figuratively here, I am not actually possessed).

But really.. I carry around so much anxiety and tension, it makes me mean to myself and occasionally others.. It makes me not think I am good enough to obtain my goals. It makes me feel like I am nothing.

Working out is reminding me that I am a freaking machine, and I can kick some serious (life) ass. 

So that being said, I am about to go do something really fun and exciting.. and I can't wait to post what it is!

Have an awesome day,



  1. Go you girl! you have inspired me to do some kind of plan. I have gained so much weight (thanks anti-anxiety/depression meds) and I'm desperate to get it off somehow! I think Im going to try Couch25K... But I'm not sure! I really need a good meal plan to go along with a workout plan!
    Can't wait to hear about your big surprise too!! <3

  2. Ummm. You are AWESOME. Pass me some of that dedication, would ya?


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