A big surprise!

Hello San Diego! Yup that's right. Last night I took the (rather long) journey from SoFla to SoCal. This is my second trip to Cali, and boy am I glad I made it. I have horrible travel anxiety, once I am through security, I'm better. But I caved and had some wine at the bar before my long flight. I spent a good portion of Thursday morning trying to convince R it was our last breakfast together. ...and telling the kitties they will soon be orphans.(I'm a mess) Anyway, I am here in Cooperation with my moms guy to scare the Ba-Jesus out of my mother. I am the last one of her three children she would expect to come for a visit. As boring as my life can be in PSL, I rather enjoy my little life, garden, cats and guy in Florida. Getting me to leave sans Rob is a tough task. But how could I resist a trip to beautiful California, and giving my mother a mild heart attack? R and I plan on making the move out west just like everyone else in the art and movie business, so I'm excited to scope out new part of Cali. (last time I was here was thanksgiving 2years ago, and I was sick most of the time) Anyway, in the next hour, I will be walking in on my mom and her beau's coffee date. She is clueless. Has absolutely no idea that I'm here. Don't worry.. I plan on taking pictures of the event. I'm here til, Monday.. And the weather is gorgeous.. So I know it will be a great time. My mother and I really have never spent time together. I lived with my dad and her and I have had many up and many downs. I'm hoping this weekend will give us a fresh start.:) Ps. Blogger really needs to make iPad updating easier? I can't load pics. Wtf. Have a fantastic weekend, go do something really awesome..k? Love to all, R R

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