Strange men, clean closets and a challenge.

Where do the weeks go? It is really crazy to me how time can feel like it is dragging on in the moment, and retrospectively it all seems like a flash.

I've had a really strange week.

My neighbors have been buzzing about a strange knock that most of us received around 8pm Tuesday night, a guy wearing a jacket (it's pretty warm here right now, so a jacket is a fair red flag) and when you answered the door he said he had the "wrong place." NOW this is quite possible when you consider that "next to the stairs" is pretty subjective. But we are ALL next to the stairs, so I would think someone expecting a visitor would at least have the courtesy to specify which floor. The next day we all received a flier listing "safety precautions," notifying us that there had been an increased number of crimes in our area. All I can say is hallelujah for the 2nd amendment(when used responsibly, of course).

I live in south Florida, next to the woods. Florida might be a great place, but there is no denying, it is filled with crazies. (...annnnd Micky Mouse feigns, good ole' boys and The Bachelor/ette contestants.)

What I was getting at is..... it's THURSDAY, and that means Rob has a life drawing class at work tonight, so I have a couple extra hours to tackle some projects. I am going to pick one new "natural cleaning" method to try, based off of what I already have in the apt.

I can't wait to get into all the closets that we've been ignoring. Right now I just have stuff "put away," but it doesn't look so nice, my mission today is too get every corner of the apt in tip-top shape. Plus I will finally get around to hanging up the laundry I started 2 weeks ago. {Bleh}

Maybe I'll have some before and afters to share tomorrow.

Speaking of before and afters, one of my very best friends Tara and I entered into a little friendly weight loss competition. My bff Courtney is getting married in May, as her MOH I think my dress should at least fit. (I bought it a size too small, risky I know) That being said, time is running out and I've got to LBS to lose. We both have similar goals, but since we are such different builds we are going to base it off of body fat percentage not lbs.

If I were braver I would share a before picture, but ya know.. I just don't think that is going to happen, unless it is accompanied by an after picture.. I'll chat more about this tomorrow when I have come up with a game plan.



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  1. Yikes! That's very scary and sounds suspicious, as if the guy was checking for unoccupied apartments. Stay safe, and have fun working on those household projects!



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