Some Holiday Cheer

My mother is quite the joker, she's been spreading holiday cheer all over internet land.

My sister sent out a message on Monday saying "Just incase my mom's card didn't make it to your mailbox, here it is" I was so horrified I stole the mail key off of R's key chain so he could never confirm that my mother sent something so horrible out; Luckily she hasn't completely lost it and is just posting her family holiday cards on Facebook and emails. {Somehow that makes it better?}

She is sending out a new e-card every day until Christmas. You'll never get me to show you Mondays {I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or change my name} but I thought these were pretty funny, however wrong they may be.

Day two:

Day three:

She's a little nutty but funny!

xo, r


  1. Haha oh wow, gotta love a sense of humor like that.

  2. One a day till Christmas Day... What will I come up with next?

    Love, your mommy


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