More garden.

My garden grew by two; this weekend we added a tomato plant and a jalapeno plant to the crowd. 

They are really liking their new place in the sun, and I am too. 

 In a few days, these will look like.....

 ...these. :)
 {In about 50-60 days, these guys should be ready to eat. There are other branches starting buds too, so I should have a couple to enjoy.}

 ..And a jalapeno is on its way too.
{Looks like about 5 will grow}

The petite bell-pepper plant is growing a new batch of peppers too;
I am expecting about 7 of those this time.

I love my happy plants. 


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  1. HAPPY PLANTS!!! They really do look so, so happy and I love when I can basically "see" a plants spirit in pictures like this. Absolutely beautiful and yummy as well!


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