New Shoes and LOTR

Well, after waiting an extra week for my Simple Shoes to come in (Apparently Fed-x likes to put notices on the wrong door) I finally get to wear them.

Today we {as in the shoes and I} are going on a bike ride, but first.. I must share them..

 Those aren't laces, those are elastic bands! & yes, that tattoo is an ode to LOTR.


Love your feet and get some while you can, they are on-sale too @ Zappos! This pair is almost as comfortable as my last pair, and I really love this brand because they recycle and don't kill animals {except my nine-west leather boots somehow have been deemed ok}.

That's all, I need to get ready for my card making girls night; my apartment looks like my closet threw up and that almond milk I made last night seems to be all over my kitchen.. That's what I get for drinking margluncharitas with the neighbor. :P



  1. Damn you. DAMN YOU. I want these shoes!!! These remind me of my Rocket Dog shoes that have gone to shoe heaven- they had the same laces and the same rounded toe, but were made of multi colored patches. I loved those shoes and I may have cried when they went in the garbage.

  2. Whaaat, I've been looking for shoes like that for ages now. Sweet tat by the way. brb googling simple shoes.

  3. AH! I love those shoes. Plaid is epic!!! As is LOTR. ^_^


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