Saturdate, Dinosaurs, and my garden

Saturday has been dubbed date day; I don't like to paint the town we live in with the "Boring" brush, because I am a firm believer that if you are bored, then you are boring; but PSL is not designed for younger folks. Going out dancing is for the city folk now... Unless R's company has some kind of movie premier or holiday party, then I am like this:


Okay back to Saturdate.
SO, since our town has more Hospices than Starbucks our dates have been slightly bland with a side of margarita. {One thing that is not slim pickings around here are Mexican restaurants, yum!}

So after spending the afternoon eating Mexican, chasing rainbows and buying TP at Sams Club...

......We remembered that bowling is fun, and that there are lanes right down the street. So bowling it was.

We got there just in time for the Rock n' Bowl; were I got to see Axil Rose do his hip shake, the Pixies Debass(er), and I saw a very interesting country video {with the ugliest animation I've seen in a long time} about a Mr. Mom.

However, no matter how good {or bad} the music was, I suck at bowling. Not just a little bit of suckage, a lot of suckage. So we decided to play pool, and guess what? I suck at pool too. So we went back to the arcade, where R beat me at all of the things I thought I was good at (The Hoops game and skiball)... Whatever, I am a better cook than he is.

I hate being bad at things because it makes me feel like I am not intelligent enough to understand how to be GOOD at whatever it is; forget about the fact that practice makes perfect.

So with my deflated ego in tow we headed home, and watched Meet the Parents.

Now I am giving my arcade loot a new home in my garden; meet the dinos.

A T-rex and Velociraptor are now protecting my jalapenos.

Speaking of my plants, my tomato plant must be on crack because it is growing, growing, growing.. It is really incredible. Once I get a weeks worth of pics I'll post them all up at once so we can see the progress. 

Same branch as above, beginning of last week.
I've got about 7 tomatoes going, 3 jalapenos and 3 peppers going right now; All the plants have buds started for more fruit too. 

So that was our Saturday, I hope everyone is having a splendid weekend. 


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