An update, a film and some other things.

Okay, I am done being such a butt and ready to get back into blogging action. 

It's such a bummer when you feel like you are really on a roll with getting yourself out there-- and then your world as you know it {seems to) come crumbling down. For myself especially this is quite harrowing since I already battle ups and downs on a more intense level than most folks.

Autumn always brings a lot of change for me-- I mean, almost 25 years ago I went from being a weird goopy thing inside my mothers womb, to a weird baby thing screaming my head off probably because I was freezing my little baby ass off and wondering what the hell just happened... I digress..

I wasn't quite expecting this kind of change-- but when people; friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc are toxic to your well being, you do what you gotta do, and keep on keep'n on. 

Living well is the best revenge, right?

So faithful readers, I have some good stuff coming your way:

-A tour of the new place with some tips on organization
-A few recipes featuring my second favorite herb, Basil {Fresh from my garden}
-R and I are making a short with our new 5D (yeah, be jealous) and you'll either think we are really awesome, or really weird-- but we are weird, so that's okay.
-Some tips on dealing with toxic relationships in a healthy way 
-AND we're starting to plan that wedding of ours, so I'll be sharing some bits and pieces-- PLUS, I think I might make my own dress-- so you will all get a good laugh out of my attempt to learn how to sew while making the most important dress I will wear in my life. {yikes}

So thank you friends for the kind words, personal emails and sweet comments-- 
Life can be hard, but it can also be sweet.

Oh yeah, and my mom is coming to town next week {haven't seen her in a year}-- and we will be heading down to the Fort Lauderdale Film festival to see her BF's film (he co-produced/wrote) The Encore of Tony Duran-- Mom did a lot of the behind the scenes photography and has been working hard on the PR for the film, so check it out {and like it on FACEBOOK}.

My pretty momma with Gene Pietragallo & Elliott Gould ~ on set at the Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs.

Have a happy humpday, 

xo, r

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