Going to SLC!

My best friend Courtney got engaged last week (yeay), so Court and her momma surprised me with a ticket out to SLC to help her find THE dress since she is planning a May wedding, and well.. needs to find one stat

This is probably the best gift (other than my own engagement ring) that I could have ever received, especially after having such a craptastic week last week.
You see, Courtney is like R but she is a girl and we are not romantically involved.
.....most of the time.. 
{I KID!}
We just get each other and I love her to death.
yep-that's us in 04

I am broke as a joke, so this wouldn't have been a reality unless R decided one day he wanted to do Mars research in Utah couldn't stand one more day without seeing Court-- which could have happened sooner or later, but not in time to go dress shopping with my best bud-- thank god she is getting married in Orlando, because I would just die if I had to relinquish my Maid of Honor duties to this girl-- she has picked me up while I was down, trudged through the swamp with me and helped me laugh through it all. 

So, her mother forgoing her own ticket-- to send me instead is honestly something I don't even know how to say thank you for. I am just so humbled and really frucking exciting to see my crazy ass sweet friend and find her a dress!  

So ladies, since I've only been dress shopping once, for my sister after several margaritas.. 
Any advice on how to make the day go smoothly so my B2B-BFF can find her perfect dress? 

Also, since I'll be there a few days, what should I make her take me to see, I've never been to Utah!

side note: Yes-- it's true, I haven't dress shopped for myself yet. I hate shopping number one, also dress shopping is intimidating because they ask you a lot of questions, and I really think I am going to try and make my own dress.. I have a vision.... 

SLC I will be seeing you in 23 days!

xo, r

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  1. THERE you are! I was wondering what happened to you! I have not been good about blogging either, with a new puppy and all.We're just now getting into a groove and used to each other.
    I like the layout and look of this blog! I like the font too! Very cool, you are so crafty!
    As far as dress shopping, just go and look and nosh and drink and you'll find what you find when you find it. Don't try to hard or you'll muck it up. Enjoy your time with your friend, you will always remember it.


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