How to:Three HTML tricks and Tips for sprucing up your posts

Most blog forums that I have been on make sprucing up  
Ye Ole Blog rather easy; 
but what they have yet to make idiot proof are symbols. 

SO I'll show you how:

All you need to do if enter the code in the "Edit HTML" section of your "New Post." 

I get really confused by HTML, too many <, ,/,> and &'s so I recommend typing out your post in "Compose," then switch over to Edit HTML and fill in the codes where applicable.
It will still look really confusing, but take a deep, breath, and find where you want that little sucker, then slap the code in there.
The code will work inside and outside the brackets, just don't change the composition of existing brackets or you wont be able to post. :P

Here are some codes.

Cent sign (¢) &#162;
Copyright sign (©) &#169;
Degree sign (°) &#176;
Euro symbol (€) &#8364;
Heart symbol (♥) &#9829;
Inverted exclamation (¡) &#161;
Inverted question (¿) &#191;
Pi (π) &#960;
Pound sterling (£) &#163;
Registered trademark sign (®) &#174;
Trademark sign (™) &#153;

These also work on twitter my friends.

 Once you have entered your code on the HTML side, 
do a preview to make sure everything looks alright.

If you want to embed a video into your post, say from Vimeo;
you will need to add the code to the Edit HTML feature of your new post, not the compose section. 
It took me like 3 years to figure this out. DUH. 

Want to make it easier for people to visit your blog from comments?

Try this code as your signature instead of just copy and pasting your link.

Your comment
<a href="Link to Blog">Signature</a>



  1. You are some kind of awesome chicklet.

  2. I'm definitely bookmarking this post. Sooo helpful, girl! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  3. I've been blogging for almost a year and have never been able to figure out how to embed a bideo! Haha! This makes it sound easy!


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