On Irene and wedding planning

On Irene:

Okay, so Irene is due east at the moment. 
I was hoping for a mother nature freak show, 
but instead we just have rain. 
Truth: I love the power of mother nature.
It's spectacular. 
The wind, the rain, the lightening. Ah, It's perfect. 
So, so perfect and destructive.

Rain is nice, it helps you sleep. 
So I wont complain.
I took those pictures this afternoon with a $50 digital camera, 
since my nice pricey one isn't working at the moment. wtf. 
Bad quality pictures drive me nuts; my mom is a photographer.
That explains it. 

 On Wedding Planning:
No, Not mine! 
My sister. My younger sister, Taylor. 
She is engaged, has been since March. 
She originally wanted an October wedding, but it didn't work out that way. 
Money doesn't grow on trees in our family; which is just as well.
I think a spring wedding will be beautiful for her. 
She lives in Charlotte, NC
& Spring symbolized new beginnings. 
It's perfect really.

I am my sisters unofficial wedding planner
and MOH.
The irony of me planning a wedding is this...
I am somewhat anti-social, but I love.. LOVE planning social events. 
I know it makes no sense. 
But neither does life, so that does makes sense. 

Fact: My sweet little sister has wedding planning ADD. 
AKA she has an 18 month old that sucks any focus she has out of her pretty little head. 

 I'd be distracted too...
my niece is the cutest bratzilla on the planet.

Anyway, my seestard sister is trying to plan a wedding, and since she isn't exactly the planning queen,
I'm helping the sweet little thing out with my spectacular party planning skillz.
Don't worry, she has a dress already.
Thanks mom. :)

HEY. Fun fact. I am such a good planner, R is making me the producer (and lead actress*) of his next film. 
It's going to be some awesomeness folks. 
*hahahahahhahhaha, i wish.

SO for my sister~ I made a nice wedding to-do checklist for month one of planning. 
Since there is a lot to be done, I am breaking everything down month by month.
I have a master checklist, but if I sent her the whole thing I don't think anything would get done. 
Sorry seestard.

Here's the list, cute right?

I also made this inspiration board. 
Not the best board of all time, but it worked.

She is having an outdoor, backyard wedding. 
I want one.

 Me thinks it will be a good time. 

♥xo, R

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  1. Funn! I helped my sister plan her wedding 7 years ago but I think I was too young to appreciate the opportunity given to me.
    I wanna help! lol, I could do some pinning on pinterest for you if you'd like!! :)


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