Thanksgiving plans already.

I might be jumping the gun here, but there is a great possibility that R and I are hosting 
Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

This is something we have been talking about since the beginning of summer; so when the holidays came up during dinner on Sunday with his parents, I jumped at the opportunity to offer us up as hosts.

I love hosting dinners and parties.
I especially love an excuse to make a turkey, mashed potatoes and green been casserole.
In addition to all the good food, I will also be celebrating a birthday on Thanksgiving this year.
The big Two-Five.
A Quarter Century.

Holidays for me have always been really stressful;
I have a large, divorced family. 
Nuff' said.
Needless to say, the fact that our parents are even entertaining the idea is enough to get me in a dinner party planning frenzy. 
I. am. SO. excited.

With a move on the horizon, a possible visit from my mother, and looking for a job in PSL, 
I know starting the planning process now is wise. 
R will thank me later when we don't have a huge expense all at once.

SO, I started some invites tonight to send to the family so they know the scoop.

I am still contemplating color, and I might work with some different fonts.
But this is invite A.

Whatcha think?

Are there any special things your family does at Thanksgiving? Games? Activities?
What is the best way your family has given thanks?
I'm looking for some new traditions, please.. give me yours.

xo, r


  1. i think the invite is really cute :) you are so brave to host thankgiving---I will be so scared when my time comes!


  2. I think I have hosted 3 Thanksgiving dinners, so I am pretty confident about that aspact. WHAT I AM NERVOUS ABOUT; I have never cooked for R's parents and our families have never met. (EEKK!) But I think it will be fine, I am going to post all my plans as I go so I can get feed back :)

  3. I came from a divorced family as well, so I know how stressful the holidays can be. Especially when you have a significant other because then you have to split yourself in so many more ways than you already do. One year I spent most of my Christmas Eve and Day on the road. It kind of sucked.

    I like your idea...host the party and let them come to you. It makes everything easier and yet so much harder. Good thing you have a few months to prepare!


  4. Confession: I kind of hate Thanksgiving? Mostly because I don't really care and and by the time dinner rolls around, I'm exhausted. BUT if you want a really kick ass recipe for potatoes, I'm your gal.

  5. It's okay to hate holidays. I hate Christmas with a burning passion.

  6. I love being a dinner hostess or hosting parties just because I love to cook and make pretty things that delicious to be eaten as well as mingle with all my friends. What can I say... I'm a social person :D


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