Bad Day Blues

It's not even noon, and I am having a bleeping-bleep-bleep of a day.

Days like this make me wish I was someplace else..

Like Tennessee. 

I love Tennessee, so much. 
I love the small towns, I love the smokey mountains, I love the southern folk, I love Nashville and all the great music. I love the BBQ and I love, love, love the swimming in the little Tennessee river.
There is something about swimming in natural bodies of water with out having to worry about Alligators or Sharks. Florida people are so hardcore. ;P

So since I can't seem to shake today's funk, I'm taking a trip to TN in my head. 
R and I went to TN a few summers ago, I want to go back..
Except, this time we wont wreak the rental car.. 

Even the clouds over TN are inspired by Music.

Ok, I feel a little better now.. I'm going to play some geetar. 

What do you do to feel better when you have a crappy day?

Hope everyone in internet world is having a good day, 


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  1. i found your bog through the very sweet and genuine comment you left on So About What I Said's blog. i too am having a blah day...i made some of my favorite food though, and now i'm cheered up :)
    hope your day gets better!


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