Favorite Finds and Things I love v.5: Dream destinations

I am really in need of a vacation.
I would be a happy lady if I got to see these places in real life.
I am still trying to find out where some of these places are;
but regardless, they are awesome. 
i <3.

 R and I are putting some serious thought into going to Puerto Rico.
Why does Japan have all the cool stuff? 
If I ever make it to Nabana no Sato park, I will be taking lots of awesome pictures with my love.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island; this place looks seriously magical.

The Duchess of Northumberland has the right idea, check out this NY times slide show.

This takes going to the springs to a whole new level.

I want to swim in this river.

Most of the links will lead you to even more magical places and images, enjoy!

xo, r


  1. Wooow, Ryan! Those pictures are breathtaking, I'm itching to travel right now! My family planned to go to Bangkok at the end of August but then my mom realized that we're short of budget (sheez).

    And I highly recommend the Butchart Garden! We've been there last March. Really awe-inspiring! :-)

  2. Nabana no Sato is...@_@. DO want.


  3. Holy moly!!!! Those photos are beautiful! Especially the one in Nabana no Sato. You've given me the traveling bug too now :)


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