New Mantra & other stuff.

Buenos Dias!
 R and I were craving Fish n' Chips on Saturday so we headed over to 
The Pig and Whistle in Cocoa Beach, and ate our hearts out.
R and I both got a C n' F; he drank a Guinness and I drank a New Castle or two. 
The fish was really fresh, decent sized serving and the mashy peas were pretty much the best thing ever. 
I will be making that that very soon
I love salt and vinegar taste; I think Fish n' Chips is my new favorite junk food.

Also, this weekend I decided that I am going to open up shop. 
An Etsy shop. 

I have a lot of ideas and a lot of options, so I am going to sit on the ones I like best for a few weeks and see what I can come up with. I definitely believe in trial and error; there really is no such thing as a mistake-- but I would like to have a clear(er) vision so it is something that has a lot of substance. 

I tend to "Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon."  H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Insert Life, and you have my daily mantra. 

I think I should tweak this mantra a bit, because having plan A's and B's and C's and D's never hurt anyone. I want to win the hunger games damn it!

Side note: I know this is YA fiction, but has anyone read The Hunger Games? 
I've almost read them all. It all started with a deciding one day I was going to join a book club in attempts to be more social.. THG was the next read, so I picked it up and didn't put it down all weekend. I never made it to the book club meet up.

I am so anti-social sometimes its ridiculous.

Anyway... Maybe my mantra should be something like,

I almost added ..and with a couple of cats, but I didn't to embarrass myself

I can't wait for the big reveal. R is going to get on board for some of the product and he's a real talent, so yay.
I'm taking a break from technology this week. Since the internet has a way of devouring my time, I am going to be limiting my access to the internet significantly. I need to bunker down and stay focused. 

Did everyone have a good weekend? 
What do you do to stay focused?
Are you a frequent Etsy shopper? What kind of shops appeal to you? 
Does anyone want to host a giveaway? I think I want to give away a painting. :)

Okay internet diet starts.... now!

Have a good week friends, 



  1. I'm excited to see your shop! I'll add you to my circle when you open up!

    I love your little mantra. The phrase 'reckless abandon' is so appealing to me, especially when it's used in connection with something you're passionate about.

  2. That mantra is great - truthful yet humorous. Reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt's "Speak softly but carry a big stick".

    Have never read The Hunger Games but fully intend to. I hear nothing but great things.


  3. HAH! Yeah I love that Teddy quote.. Hunger Games is pretty good, the last book I am having a really hard time with as I mentioned. I really do want to know what happens, but, I just haven't been in a book reading mood i s'pose.


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