We are ALIVE!


We have made it to Cali safe and sound, and our trip was almost hassle free.

The last day of our journey was a little bonkers-- while in Arizona I locked my keys (and cats) in the car at a gas station-- luckily I thought to join AAA before we left because that came in handy-- since the cats were in the car they put us on priority, and arrived within about 20 mins.

THEN we both just started getting antsy.. Arizona felt like Texas... It took us so long to get through it. Arizona was pretty cool though, I loved all the cactus and mountains.

Once we got into California it felt real.We drove SO far!

When we hit the San Diego mountains we encountered our second major hiccup of the trip-- Rob's car started to overheat going up the mountains while pulling the 5k pound trailer.. UGH. SO we got the car to cool down, and stop making crazy noises, I reminded R to drive in second gear so he wouldn't wear out the transmission. To prevent further overheating we had to drive up the mountains going 20 mph with our flashers on... haha, SUCH FLORIDIANS!

As we're about 5 miles from the summit of the mountains, R realized his gas light was on.

Driving in second, pulling a trailer and going up mountains is not a good time to realize your gas light it on.

Enter hiccup #3.

Rob was running out of gas, fast. LUCKILY we were going down hill and had gone through our final boarder patrol check point, so he literally rode in neutral for 20 miles until we found a gas station down the mountain to conserve the last bit of gas he did have. The car literally pooped out as he rolled into the gas station. I am not even kidding.

It was comical actually.

We both got out of our cars and just started to laugh hysterically.. I swear I was praying the entire ride down that mountain for a gas station so as we pull in and he runs out of gas, I felt like we were really being graced by some special "helpers" on this trip.

The final stress of the trip was driving into San Diego. The traffic was insane, and I couldn't see ANYTHING. We planned our entire trip so I wouldn't have to drive at night. I have some seriously scary night blindness, and only drive at night if it is within a one mile radius of my house or an emergency... Because of our over-heating and gas issues, we missed the last bit of daylight by 2-3 hours.

BUT we made it..

SO far we've been having a really nice time. It's been a little hard adjusting to the new time zone, and honestly we've just been so busy it still hasn't really hit us yet. On Friday night we met up with on of my oldest friends in San Diego.. Desi was one of my first friends in High School, and after not seeing her for several years it was awesome to pick up where we left off.Desi has always been my sister from another mister, but we had lost touch for about 2 years, and last year she moved to San Fran.

After a night out in SD, R and I were feeling pretty hung over Saturday so we laid low, and last night my grandfather arrived to town (he already had a trip planned to visit my mom) so today we wondered around La Jolla after attending my (almost) step-sisters 9th birthday party.

Tomorrow we are off to LA to find a place to live!


Now for kitties and friends. :)

The kitties in the car.

My sweet guy and I in San Diego.

friends for 12 years! Desi and I.


  1. congrats on making it over here without anything toooo bad going wrong!

    romantically challenged

  2. Ooh that sounds a little scary with the gas and the night driving. Glad you got there safely, and good luck finding a place to live. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of you! Glad you made it more or less in one piece :)

  4. Oh god... This brings back memories... I prayed my way to a gas station more times than I would like to admit driving through the mountains / desert. Someone should tell us "foreigners" that you can't fill up every five minutes out there like you're able to in the rest of the country. Haha.


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