LA LA Land, so far.

DUDES, L.A is SO cool.

I am in love. Hoodies + scarfs = : D

We found a neighborhood that we like, and have applied for a studio in Silver Lake, which is apparently the nations most "Hipster Neighborhood"  according to Forbes-- we think this is pretty funny because we are really not hip at all, nor do we really care to be "hip," but I wont lie... I/We do have some interests in common with those hipster folks.. an affinity for black coffee, micro-brews and Trader Joe's being the key commonalities.

Who knows, maybe since hipsters don't actually think they are hip, us nerdy-video game playing-totally fashion inept Florida folks will be the new "cool."

We'll see how the apartment hunting goes. Apparently this neighborhood has a decent music scene too, which is awesome because music + beer + not having to drive home (or in my case making Rob drive home)= my personal entertainment heaven.

Once we get settled, I have a feeling a ton of things will change for the good.

Today we checked out some other 'hoods and had lunch in Hollywood.

Canters = yummmmmy Rubens. 


San Fernando Valley via Mulholland Drive.

AND pretty much, I've been busy as hell. I am going to start working part time at a flower shop on Tuesday-- My first California job! ;)




  1. hoodies and scarfs are probably the best thing ever :)

  2. I'm so excited for you. I love LA. My favorite part of LA vs. FLA is that hair always looks better in LA without all the FLA humidity!

  3. Supper exciting I am sure! Mad luck.

    1. JOHANNNNNNN! How the hell are you!

    2. You know me... Much like you, on a new adventure! I ran across the link to your blog and I had read and keep up with it.. I love it BTW. Congrats on you new move and the wedding of course. I see Carly is following you also.. That's dope!

  4. You look adorable! Rob and I aren't hipsters but we find ourselves drawn to things they like too. Good luck on the apartment search!

  5. Ryan, I'm seriously boiling with envy. Sounds like SO much fun... Oh to be free, a new beginning in a fabulous new place... Working in a flower shop, smelling flowers and making arrangments, shopping around for a new place to call home... Meeting new people, finding new favorite places... Ahh! Sounds like a movie!
    Check out Rachel at www.existation.blogspot.com... She is blogger living in LA, she may be a great reference!
    PS - You look so pretty and chill in that picture.


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