The tooth fairy calling on Edy the Elf for a favor.

My sweet step sister lost a tooth tonight, and for the past several days she has been asking about Edy, her "Elf on the Shelf," so I thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.. and have Edy do the tooth fairy a favor. ;)

I told her that since she lost her tooth after bedtime (obviously she should have been sleeping not trying to yank teeth out of her head) that the tooth fairy might not be able to come tonight.. she might have to wait until tomorrow. SO I thought it was be fun to bring Edy out for a day so she stays excited about him coming back.

Once she is asleep I will place him on her dresser..

She just turned nine, so it is likely this is the last year she will believe..

I wish we had Elf on the Shelf when I was a kid! SO much fun!

I can't wait to do this for my own little bratzillas!

xxoo. r

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