New digs.

So I got a call this morning from our new (very nice) landlord informing me that if we wanted the place it was ours. SO Rob put down a deposit to hold the place until we can sign the lease on Friday and now I need to go through our stuff and purge because our new place is a whopping 400 sq. ft.

Front Door

And the best part is the bathroom. 

We move in this weekend! 

woop woop. 



  1. I effing love your bathroom! I would like to live with you, FYI. Love it!

  2. I haven't been reading blogs in like, two months! Shame! I am back and ready to roll now, and I have to say . . . I missed this! Your blog has a new look, and everything. Love it!

    I think your new place is darling. It is so charming, and that purple bathroom is adorable. My last place with my husband was like, 400 sq ft and it while it wasn't much it was perfectly cozy!

  3. Love it, especially that purple tile!

  4. Congrats! And the bathroom is awesome! How fun :)

  5. Reminds me of Chicago apartments. :) Congrats!!


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