TAG! Spread some love, and NINE DAYS!

Welp Folks, its officially official, we are moving to L.A. in 9 days!

A song comes to mind.

SO as you can imagine, life if CRAZY AS FU** right now.. Our "relocube" (its like a POD) comes in 5 days, and we are out of here in 9! WTF!

OH and R was offered a position in LA, so he starts on October 15th! :)

In other news, my sweet friend Rachel Emmilee was spreading some love, and I am feeling the love... so now I will spread some love too!

First of all Rachel is a little sweetie pie. Not only is she freaking GORGEOUS, she has a heart of gold and if I lived in Canada I could totally see us drinking some brewski's together and being best buds.. :) 

SO here's the scoop, I have to tell  you 11 facts about me that you may not know. Answer 11 questions asked by my tagger, and then tag some of you fine people and ask you to share 11 unknowns about you, and then answer my 11 questions too. :)

SO here goes:

Eleven things you may or may not know about me

1. When I was seven, I was almost kidnapped, not once but TWICE! (Must have been really cute or something) Freaking creeps.

2. For about 5 years of my life I preferred my family and friends to call me "Skylar"-- Skylar was my Australian alter-ego. Skylar was going to be a famous paleontologist/Actress and had an older brother named Michael.

3. 50% of the people I know call me by my middle name, Adair.

4. My biggest flaw is that I let myself lack discipline even though I know I am much healthier and very capable of staying "on track."

5. My greatest contribution to friendships and relationships is that I will always be honest with you and I give great advice.

6. I have a freakishly strong intuition.

The strongest sense I have is knowing when women are pregnant, and I usually know what sex the baby will be too.. I can tell someone is pregnant even if there are no visible  signs or ques that would suggest they might be. It is really weird, actually.

I can also sense when something life changing is about to happen. The week that Rob got laid off, he and one of his co-workers were home early that Tuesday, and I walked in the room and said "Were you guys laid off today?" I just had a "feeling" something major was about to happen and it did (a few days later)! This happens often.

7. My siblings are 3 of my most favorite humans on the planet.

8. I don't think NYC is that awesome.

9. I flat out refuse to read Harry Potter or Twilight or 50 Shades of whatever for 2 reasons.

a. Too many people I think are less than awesome have raved about those books.
b. People are pushy & obsessive about those books like they can be with religion, and I think it is weird.

10. In person, I am either very stoic or really enthusiastic. Not much of a middle. I am also a little strange, but I am cool with that.

11. I really, really, really love reality TV. (So Ashamed.)

Now eleven questions answered:

1.  What song describes you best?

2.  What is the best part about where you live?
That I am moving to CALI!
 I'm kidding, the best part of where I live is the fact that we are close to BEAUTIFUL beaches, and we live on the water. AND I have a nice Hammock out back. 

3.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Well, before a week ago I would have said California, and now we are going there.. 
so Hells-to-the-yeah.

4.  Your perfect day would include...?
 2 eggs, over medium with breakfast potatoes (Hot Sauce and Ketchup) for breakfast with a cup of really awesome coffee. 
It would be about 82 degrees outside and sunny with a slight breeze and beautiful full clouds would be on the horizon-- building up for an afternoon thunderstorm. As the storm made its way in my direction I would swing on a swing under a tree until the first drops of rain started to make its way down from the sky.

Then I would end the day with a few hours of Skyrim, a yummy dinner (mexican!) and a glass of wine or a margarita! 

(Maybe a little swim in the springs would be mixed in there with swinging on a swing! ;)

5.  What are you looking forward to?
 Moving to California in TEN DAYS!

6.  If money were no obstacle, what would you do with your time?
Paint, paint, paint... yoga, yoga, yoga, and be a life coach.

7.  Your favorite item in your closet is...?
My blue sweater & brown leather boots.

8.  In an hour you will be...?
HOME with my lover!

9.  What countries have you visited, and which was your favorite?
Spain-- it was awesome.

10.  Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
As a crazy artist/yoga lady with a beautiful crazy family and wonderful crazy artist husband (that's Rob!)

11.  What are you currently reading?
Currently, I am not reading anything other than BLOGS! 


 I love a lot of bloggers, but these are some of my faves. 
Sarah @ Sarah's Organized Chaos
Ally @ Keeping it trashy in the Bible Belt
Caitlin @ To Make Love Stay
Little @ Romantically Challenged 
Nikkiana @ Authentic Experience
Jess @ Gurl on Girl Gaming


1. What has been your biggest struggle in life? 
2. How to you see your future self? (Do you have kids? A career you enjoy? In rehab?)
3. Who are you closer to, your mother or father? Why?
4. If you had 24 hours to live, and you weren't wasting your time by freaking out about dying-- what would you do and WHO would you spend your time with, and you have to spend it someone other than your significant other!
5. Is there anyone you want to make amends with and haven't?
6. What is your favorite dessert?
7. What is your favorite ethnic cuisine? (Mine is Thai!)
8. What is the moment you are MOST proud of in your life?
9. What is your greatest contribution to friendships/Relationships?
10. Do you avoid controversy or stand up and call it out?
11. What are you looking forward to the most in the next year?


  1. I was having the worst morning until now! THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for your sweet words. I am so thrilled for you guys, you must be so excited! :)
    Ryan, I totally agree. I wish we lived in the same Country. You're totally my kinda gal and already remind me so much of one of my best buds... Maybe someday we'll officially meet! :)
    Crazy that you sense ladies are pregnant before they show, and super nuts that you were almost kidnapped TWICE! Also, I have to say, I'm with you on the book thing... I'm only reading 50 Shades right now because I had to get people off my back. My thoughts? It's unrealistic, badly written and the main character is SUCH a child. Hard to take it seriously, really. Also, my sex life doesn't need any pointers or influence from a fictional control freak of a man.

  2. 9a. definitely.
    I was pretty sure I was the only person on the planet who hadn't read any of the three.
    On the other hand, I did start reading the Game of Thrones series. I started reading it prior to the show being on (I think, I don't watch TV, so I'm not sure, but lets say I did) and I'm trying to read through the whole series before watching it (since I hear its good, but it's not on Netflix yet, so I have plenty to time to read these damn books).

  3. Congrats on your move!!! I was experiencing some writer's blog this week, so thanks so much for the tag!

  4. Congratulations on your very exciting move! You sound very happy and I am happy for you. I'm sorry I have been away for so long, there have been some life issues that have kept me away that are finally being sorted out. I've also moved blogs, so lots of different things going on, but all is well now. Post some instagram photos of your journey, I would love to see some. Much love, Charlene


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