California here we come!

me + two awesome people.

This weekend was spent hammering out some moving details, and lovin' on our friends.

All of Rob's former employees got together on Saturday night for an epic beach party. I only made it to 10 o'clock-- by then all of my rational fears of swimming in the ocean were nowhere to be found-- so it was time to go..

Beer + Stress = Bad Combo ;)

We had fun while it lasted though. :)

Now onto the big news.

Despite the misfortune of Rob losing his job, we've been feeling quite lucky lately-- we didn't buy a house-- we were planning on doing that in the beginning of this year, we don't have children to take care of, and I still have a job.

However, as much as we were starting to like this sleepy town, there isn't much opportunity for us here without DD-- my job is just that, a job-- not my passion.

The nature of the entertainment/art industry is CHANGE, lots and lots of change, all of the time-- so we are ready to take on our next venture!

We've been talking about California for about 3 years now, so we see this as a FANTASTIC opportunity to see what we are really made of and how far we can push our careers in the Art and Entertainment industry.

We've decided to move to L.A., asap.
(Sometime between Oct.1 and Nov. 1)

The vast amount of opportunities available to Rob alone makes it worth the move, and there is a plethora of opportunity available to me as well-- I will be able to spread my wings as an artist, and my interests in holistic healing & yoga will be nurtured as well.

We are also keeping our options open to other cities out there-- Rob has been applying with several studios, the cities include: LA, Vancouver (CAN) & Seattle, Washington-- but for now, in L.A., we have all the "right connections" so it feels like a natural progression for both of us. We realize L.A. can be a bit of a rat race, but we're ready for it and quite confident this will be positive for both of our careers..

My mom and and her guy-- Terry, have been kind enough to open up their home to Rob, the 3 cats and I. We will be staying with them in San Diego until we find our niche in L.A. Terry, being an LA native, will be crucial to helping us find desirable neighborhoods, and getting us in contact with his "connections." We are very appreciative of having this "soft place" to land-- having lived in a big city before, I know just one block to the east or west can be all the difference as to what kind of neighborhood one lives in.

Our first few months in California will likely consist of a lot of exploring, hustling our art and sacrifice, but we know the positives will out weigh the negatives tenfold.

We will find out later this week if Rob has officially been hired somewhere-- but we have decided that either way, we are going, even if we are freelancing for a few months-- Rob already has some freelancing gigs lined up-- he's a true talent that guy!

Our landlord has agreed to allow us to end our lease, keeping our deposit of course Nov. 1. We might go before then if Rob gets work, but in the meantime we will be closing us shop here and making preparations to move out to Cali.

So here is to a new adventure! We are really excited to see where this next chapter will take us-- and I personally am really excited to take advantage of all the opportunities big cities have to offer-- I won't be the only weirdo in town anymore. ;)




  1. YAY!
    Sounds so fun. Really, packing up and going, not sure where... You and your man, no strings attached!... I seriously can't wait to see where the road takes you and watch (read?) you settle into a new little life! Starting fresh, new places, spaces, faces... But having each other for that familiar (feels like home) feeling... HOW ROMANTIC! (I'm feeling super lovey-dovey today, but that's cool right!?) Don't stress lady, keep that open mind and embrace the change!
    I will be living my "pack up and move away adventure" via Ryan!

    1. Thanks girl! I'll be sure to keep the blog (and you!) posted! We are really excited, and you are right, it is kind of romantic!

  2. SO excited for you guys! It's fun to be young and childless and just go wherever the hell you want when you want. I wish you guys so much luck since moving sucks ass...but the experience will be so awesome :)

    1. Haha Thanks lady! Yeah moving is a bummer, I am pro by now, I've done it about 12 times in the past 4 years, one of which was a move from Chicago to Orlando.. But 40 hours is going to be a killer with 3 cats

  3. That is awesome and incredibly exciting! Good luck to you

  4. whoo good luck! la is awesome and the apartments are so cool. hardwood floors, retro design. i may be moving there soon too.

    romantically challenged

  5. Ryan - My latest post introduces you to my readers!
    Spread the love!


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