4 days!

Moving day is fast approaching, and I don't really think I have had much time to think about what the heck we are doing! I honestly can not believe that this time next week I will be living in California.

We decided to caravan out there with all of our stuff, forgoing the "pod." Saved us about $700 bucks.

We're getting all packed up now, and I swear.. it never ends. We have a LOT of stuff that we need to get rid of.. but parting ways with some of it is just hard.. I hate throwing stuff out that has a use.. Like notebooks (I have like 100 of those 1/2 used) and extra art applies.

We are looking at renting a studio apartment in Venice Beach that is 2 blocks from the ocean.. It's tiny, but we think it will be worth the sacrifice--plus there is an Ikea in the area, so we can just buy studio-savvy furniture when we get there. I am pretty excited about apartment hunting in L.A.

WHAT else can I tell ya?


Hope everyone is well! We're out of here on Friday or Saturday, so if I go MIA, I will see ya in Cali!




  1. I wanted to use a pod when moved too. In the end, we made the same choice. Caravans forever!

  2. OMG- donate any supplies to a church or daycare! Seriously, they will take it and love it. :)

    And I will (I promise) play along on what you linked to me. I WILL. Probably tonight. I was going to email you back but sadly, your email is not linked to your blogger, so I can never email you back. :) Big hugs and happy moving!

  3. Good luck with your moving adventure, you will love it there!

  4. I am so excited for you guys! Moving is so annoying but the change is well worth it!


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