just wanna say, ahhhhh.


This week has been grueling.

The unknown, while exciting, is exhausting.

Our prospect cities have expanded to include Chicago and Vancouver (Canada). Some of the studios he has been interviewing with have studios hiring in these other cities, so they have been added to our list. A move to Chicago would be easy-peasy since I know that city like the palm of my hand. AND Vancouver would be pretty sweet, but I need to get my passport renewed, and that is annoying since I lost my expired one (and my birth certificate, and my social security card-- responsible I know.) HOW DO I EVEN KNOW WHO I AM!?

I'm still holding out for LA. I got pretty excited about it this week, and I am having a hard time getting really excited about the other cities-- except for maybe Chicago because I have peeps there, and Chicago is awesome. The main reason I am on the LA train is because I have so many (awesome) connections there, and finding a job will probably be easy-ish, whereas these other cities will require some hustling and/or starting my own Real Housewife reality series.. Bravo... you there?? Not to mention, making friends as a grown up isn't easy, and as an introvert, folks tend to think I am a little strange before they realize that I am actually awesome. At least that is what my ego tells me.

I just hope wherever we go there is a Trader Joes (Target and Ikea would be sweet too)

Tomorrow R's (former) coworkers are having a one-last-horaah beach party, so I am excited to see where everyone is planning on going next, but not so excited to say good-byes to some awesome people.. the good-byes are inevitable. Too many of those lately.

AND we are spending some time packing, selling and getting rid of things this weekend. There is nothing worse than a last minute, unorganized move!

In other news, I have gained three pounds, my skin has gone completely insane, and I haven't been able to focus at work-- I am surprised they haven't fired me this week.

I am unraveling!

I can't even think about our wedding right now, and at this point I don't care. :)

Okay I care, but one stressor at a time please.

One day I will quit bitching and start blogging.



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