Starbucks & invitation suite.

In honor of all my LGBT friends my buddy Renee and I are hitting up Starbucks-- hopefully today counteracts all the assholes who went to Chick-fil-a last week to support.. freedom of speech? Idk. Whatever.

In the grand scheme of things going to Starbucks wont make much of a difference, but I know MY starbucks has a huge community of LGBT folks, and in the very least I want them to know they have a friend in me, and that I support love.

SPEAKING of love & marriage. I think I finally designed some STD's, invites  & RSVP cards that speak to us & the kind of wedding we're going to have. Simple & fun.

All of the cards will be on Natural-Kraft recycled paper.

The Save the dates are 4x6.
And I think I am going to send them in a bright yellow envelope with a black-chevron-envelope liner.

I've been reading a lot about the tricks to get folks to come to your wedding site-- where I will have important information for guests.. like.. No Kids, where to park, registry info, etc. SO since everyone receiving a Save-The-Date will actually be invited to the wedding, I am opening up the website for folks to RSVP early. Guests will still get a formal invitation (and actually the real version of our STD says "Formal invitation to follow" under the website) but I'm hoping this "call to action" might encourage folks to stop by our site. 

The invitation will be on 5x7 card stock & looks like this.

The RSVP card is 3.5 x 5

When filled out the parts will look like this:

Mr & Mrs John & Sara Kittinger
seats of been reserved in your honor.
___ of 2 accepts with pleasure
___ declines with regret.

___ light beer      ___ White Wine
___ Dark Beer     ___ Red Wine
___ soft drinks and water only please

This way I can politely reiterate who is actually invited-- 
and most importantly, I will know how much booze to buy. ;)

AND I am also working on an insert card to go with the invitation-- this will have a map of the area (made by yours truly) our website information (again) and some other fun stuff. I think on the map I am going to indicate all of our special places, like where we got engaged, where we went to HS, some of our favorite places to eat, & I will probably indicate the down town area as well-- although, 90% of our guest are in-towners, it will still be cute I think.

Alright, that's all. I've gotta date with Renee at starbucks!



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  1. Very cute idea! Love it... You're very creative.
    My cousin recently sent out Wedding invitations and they filled out _/2 will attend. Which I think is great, because it's saying, "ONLY TWO OF YOU ARE ALLOWED TO COME" but in a polite way...
    By the way, love the new Blog header!
    Rach XO


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