A family rant.

Happy Wednesday.

I'm going to be honest here, this week has been an emotional shitstorm for me. I am keeping it together.. but I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to chug the red stuff, and slip away to oblivion for a few hours.

First things first.

I am pretty upset about my sister getting married yesterday. I didn't think I would be so emotional about it.. but I just keep thinking, had she told me 12 hours sooner, I would have had a better chance to make arrangements to get to Charlotte. In the very least I could have tried and been upset with myself for not being able to make it, and not with her for not giving me enough time.

Once the newness of her marriage wears off I will probably share my feelings with her. But for now, I want her to have her joy, even if I wasn't able to share it with her.

Thing two.

Last night we called R's mom to check on the cat... One of R's kitties (who stayed in Orlando) was injured a few weeks ago-- because of the nerve damage we were thinking she might need an amputation of that arm, so naturally R wanted to make sure the poor gal is hanging in there, and she is, so YEAY. No amputation for Tiger...

Once it was determinded that Tiger is going to make it, R's mom mentioned that his father confronted the Aunt (yes, the infamous one I wrote about in March) about the situation that occurred-- not sure what he said, but she denied everything (shocker).

Here is the thing. She is a grown woman, she does not need to be reprimanded for saying nasty things to me. However, human to human, she needs to be confronted about lying. As if the things she said to me weren't wrong enough (she said I suck guys off for money, that I am a gold digger, that she could write a book about all the families in town that hate me, and generally suggested that I am a heathen because I am not active in the Catholic Church (news flash: neither is Rob) the worse part about the whole thing is that she has, and continues to lie about my character. I am not ashamed of ONE thing I said that day. I said nothing nasty, I said nothing mean, and I let her berate & insult me, without slinging one jab back at her.

We have proof that she is lying.

The fact is, nothing she said to me or has said about me is true. The only truth in this situation is that she is lying, and lying is wrong. Lying about what someone said is slander and I have proof that I said nothing disrespectful towards her, and I have (two) witness(es) confirming what she said to me.

That is what I am angry about, she can think what she wants about me.. but dragging my name through the mud is a bunch of BS. I am sick of this. She owes us an apology. She owes his parents an apology and she needs to take a good long hard look at her heart because she is NOT coming from a place of love, and that is really scary to me.

I've never met someone with so much hate in their heart. I have never met someone SO OKAY with living in a lie. Blatantly LYING about someones character.

She told me in our conversation in March..

"Never lock horns with me, you will never win"

My response to that is.. she is right, I wont win, when dealing with hateful people, no one wins. But the truth will prevail. And I am a firm believer in that.

So long as she is living in a lie, she will never win either.

Rob and I are just sick over this. We're so tired of her spreading her toxic venom.

I am the kind of person that stands up for what is true and right, even if I am the only person standing, and in this situation I will not roll over. She is playing a game, and I refuse to play it. I refuse to pretend like everything is okay. She doesn't scare me.. You want to spread lies about me? Keep on lady.

Karma is a freaking bitch.. and I know and live in the light of the truth. I am not afraid of whats coming to me because I've done no harm. I haven't lied and I most certainly haven't made false statements about anyone's character. I have even practice kindness toward those who deserve it the least, because that is WHO I ACTUALLY AM. I am kind. I am selfless. and I don't lie.

She on the other hand can not say the same.

Ugh. Families. You can't live with'em and you can't live with out them.

I just feel bad for her.. must be a sad life living in a lie.

Well now that I have regurgitated all my business on public forum, I need to mop my floors since cleaning ALWAYS makes me feel better.

thanks for listening.



  1. Wow! There's one of those in almost every family! What a nightmare! Hope you're enjoying cleaning.

  2. So sorry to hear about the family drama my friend...I'm all too familiar with family bullshit and drama and it totally sucks. Wishing you guys strength, and hoping that you'll be able to cut this person and their toxicity out of your life soon. <3

  3. The only option here is to have R call her out on his own, without you there. He would have to make it damn clear to her that he knows what she said, what she said is a complete lie, and that she is not welcome to be around you if she is going to continue her hurtful and irresponsible behavior. Because you're right- with you saying anything to her she's going to continue to lie and she'll just paint you to be the crazy person who can't let something go. You'll never get an apology because that would have to come from a place where she recognizes what she did was wrong...which you know she'll never get to. She either feels justified or is lives in her lies where she really begins to believe them. Which in that case, that's just straight up scary and I'd avoid her at all costs. Certainly would not invite her to the wedding, relative or not.

  4. I feel like I missed something. Is there any particular reason why your sister didn't give you notice about her Wedding? What a bummer. I think when the newness wears off, you really should tell her how you feel...

    I love that cleaning makes you feel better too, it's my thing. Sadly, I find comfort in cleaning... I could spend an entire Saturday cleaning and still call it a fun weekend... Haha
    Rach XO

  5. Oh can I just add that I totally agree with Smart Ass Sara on this one? Get R to call her out and make it count. If she knew how much she was hurting him in all of this, I'm sure it would trigger some guilt. YOU are getting married for God's sake! Look at the life you have ahead of you, while everyone else is cheering for you is she going to always be that dark cloud? Time to get a life, lady.
    Good luck!


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