Oh a Monday.

I've had a strange day. This afternoon I had a strange urge to call my volunteer manager-- she was out sick today, and when I called her she was in the middle of hysteria. Her cat had just died and she was trying to get her shit together enough to drive home from the vet..

Luckily I called, I was able to calm her down, make her laugh even, and help her find her zen zone.

I can't imagine losing one of my furry babies. I've had the boys since the day they were born, and they've been real pals.. I've be devistated in her shoes.

I am weird about deaths in general. I can't say I am unaffected by it, that is simply not true, but I tend to grieve  WAY after the fact-- so there is naturally a bit of aloofness about my grieving process.

Anyway. Sad day for my friend.

AND I woke up freaking pissed off this morning. Apparently my sister is getting married tomorrow. I was pissed because I found out through my mom-- big mouth. When my sister was pregnant a few years ago, I found out through my father, so I was a little peeved she didn't tell me herself. Even more peeved because ya know, I'd like to be there. But it's her life, so whatever. It has nothing to do with me honestly-- but seriously, my mom needs to learns how to keep her cool. She just can't help but post EVERYTHING on facebook, and tell everyone she knows everything via text. bleh.

In other news-- I've been designing our save the dates and invitations.. annoying. 

I'm also slightly annoyed with life in general, so since I have nothing amazing to say... I'm out!



  1. So sorry to hear about your friend's kitty, but how awesome that you could be there for her! And also sorry about your sister...family shit gets so messy and obnoxious sometimes. <3

  2. I'd be annoyed too if my sister didn't tell me she was getting married.

  3. I couldn't imagine losing my OB either... Sweet little dog, more than just a dog. Me and G love him way too much than we should!


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