Jobs, Little Brother & a movie.

Happy Friday!

Boy this week has been nuts!

Sister got married. I got a job (yeay). I spent some quality time with my awesome little brother, and I am ready for some big time cuddling on my sweet guy this weekend.

SO, since I already talked about my sister... Let's skip to the job.

I've been "freelancing" for the past year and a half or so-- and while I've gotten a few good gigs, I haven't really had a lot of work. I usually just "work" for Rob by keeping up with the house chores. I've been looking for an office position (well, anything really) for about 6 months now.. and this job literally came knocking on my door, so, since I am a go with the flow of the universe type-- I checked it out, got hired on the spot and I start monday. It's office managment/reception type stuff. What I like about this kind of work is, I don't have to take it home with me or work on the weekends.

I am hoping they might be willing to let me take Fridays off so i can still do that internship/have an extra day for my art.. but I am not married to that idea.

The good thing about all this is, I will have steady income again, and my own money. R has never been weird about giving me money to do things, or supporting us.. but I hated not having my own money all the time.. and when I did have money coming in, I always felt like I needed to spend it on necessities. Not on fun.

Speaking of fun.. I drove to Orlando yesterday to visit with my brother. Hands down, my brother is one of my most favorite people. We've been through some ups and downs (because we are so similar really) but as we've gotten older, we've gotten really close. It was really cute, when I got to his apartment I could tell he made sure everything was freshly cleaned (his bed was even made)... His girlfriend told me later in the evening that he was so excited that I was "actually" visiting. Such a cute kid. LOVE HIM.

Siblings are real gifts. Even if they can make you insane sometimes. ;)

I've been jonesing for a movie lately-- So I am kind of hoping R will want to take me out on a date, but I think a cuddle session on the couch with some netflix will be just fine. ;)

Hope the weekend treats you well.


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  1. Congratulations on the job!

    Siblings are the best. Yes, they can drive you crazy because they are probably the most honest friendship that you have in your entire life.


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