8 week program starts, now.

Well, tomorrow starts my first day back in to the land of consistent paychecks, and 9-5's.

I've been coming to the realization that I really lack structure in my life, and on so many levels that creates chaos.. so since tomorrow is the start of a new chapter career-wise, I thought I would take that as an opportunity to restructure my fitness & health regime.

SO-- I got up bright and early this morning & made this calender (R has one custom for his needs too). I decided that I want to run a 10k by the time I turn 26 (Nov. 24, 2012) so I will be adding running to my work outs (before I hardly did any cardio that didn't involve heavy lifting.)

Usually when I take on running, I jump right in and go from one mile on day one to 5 miles on day three, and I ALWAYS hurt myself and have to stop, so this time, I am going to take things slowly and follow a 10k training program for beginner runners.

I can't express how difficult it was for me to put myself in a "beginner" category-- but let's get real... My body is not use to running and that is why I hurt myself. I am very healthy, so when it comes to endurance, I can go for miles, but with bad knees & bum foot (I broke it several years ago & it hasn't been the same since) I am a beginner & that's okay!

So there it is, 8 weeks of discipline.

Since I will have steady income again, I plan on rewarding myself at the end of each 4 weeks with something nice like a massage or pedicure-- but only if I stay on track every day. Even if I can't give 100% I've still got to show up and walk to miles if I can't run them.

As far as food goes, I've already been on a gluten-free kick-- which has literally changed my life. But I will be incorporating more raw foods into the diet & eating more consistantly.

Two medium sized meals in the AM, Two smaller meals in the PM.

Out of the 4 meals, 2 of them will be 100% raw, and the other two will be 85-100% clean-- which means, minimal processed foods/condiments. Ketchup on my baked sweet potato fries, sour cream on my veggie chili & cooking my eggs with real butter will be the only "not so clean" parts of my diet. Feta cheese will likely still be in the mix-- but cheese has calcium, so in moderation I don't feel guilty about it.

In the morning I will get my measurements so I can see how much my body changes. A side goal is to loose those pesky 10-15 lbs.

Yesterday I fit into a size 6 for the first time since I graduated high school-- I've never really been much smaller than a 6-- I've got a big ole' butt-- so I am just looking forward to trimming down my arms, legs and tummy area. (Hopefully my wedding dress wont need many alterations with more weight-loss.)

After the 8 weeks, I am going to find a 10k to run, and do it. Then I am going to make another 8 week incorporating more yoga into the the routine.

So who is with me? Anyone want to get on the wagon too? I'm going to post my progress every week with my times, struggles & successes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,



  1. wow!! good luck my dear. you'll do great.

  2. This is so great! This is the kind of structure I need. If you need help with motivation I suggest http://chains.cc - great way to track your consistency and keep you on track :) Good luck love!

  3. Goooood luck! I'd love to join you in this challenge... We have painfully quiet winter months, so it will be a good time to focus on getting in shape. I don't need to lose weight, I need to tone up and get fit like I was only a few years ago. I am so WEAK it's just not acceptable anymore. I'll track your progress!

  4. Good luck. It seems like a pretty well thought out plan. I've been getting in shape since January. I ran my first 5k just over a month ago. I have 3 more planned before the end of the year. A 10k still seems like a lot for me, but maybe next year.


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