moms, pictures, and working for the weekend.

Welp, my mom has been here for a week now, and she's packing up and shipping out today to see my niece and sister in North Carolina for a week before headed back to her life in SoCal. Yesterday she took me to Ross and bought us some baskets for the living room, shelves for the bathroom, and then she proceeded to clean & rearrange my house-- I was tempted to object-- but I'm glad I didn't because now I don't have to clean today! And I like her suggestion of bring the desk into the living room. Maybe I'll finally do an R&R interior design post so you can see our funky pad.


Last night R & I got dolled up and had my mom take some pictures of us-- an engagement shoot of sorts-- we're not cool cheap, so we didn't want to pay a professional photographer to take pictures of us feeding each other corn dogs and gallivanting through strawberry fields with a bouquet of balloons.

Although, now that I think about it, pictures at the fair would have been pretty sweet. Maybe next time.

Here's two that I just tweaked a bit-- my mom is going to do the real editing next week.
There were some cute ones! But my mom has all the fancy filters, so we'll let her make them look pro. :)

Other than that-- we're just waiting for the weekend to grace us with her presence. We're going hiking on an Indian reservation this weekend, and I am STOKED!

Hope all is well bloggy friends.



  1. You guys are absolutely adorable! Love these photos :)


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