The day I got a Valentino

I am over the moon right now. 

Today I was seriously spoiled.

I got to spend the morning/afternoon with my mother and future mother in-law shopping & noshing.

I found a wedding dress-- it is completely different than what I expected I would walk out of the store with, and in all honestly... when my mom and MIL picked it out I scoffed at it, and only tried it on to humor them-- then, I realized it was perfect for me.

I even got a vail.. which.. I really didn't expect.. but it made the moms happy, and it really seemed perfect.

I felt all bride-y and stuff. 

I can only show you half of the picture-- because ya know-- Even bloggers need some secrets in life. 
It needs some alterations, but.. I think it's going to look awesome once I get the right bra situation happening, with a few nip & tucks in the back. 

My moms special guy was so sweet to purchase the dress for me-- and honestly, he's been so supportive  and helpful through this whole thing-- something I haven't necessarily recieved from my own blood, and something I've desperately needed. There is something about having a male-supportive-role model participate in your major life events that brings a certain calm.

I've appreciated the reassurance and emotional support tremendously.

After we said Yes to the Dress we went for lunch and drank mojitos. The mojitos must have been a little too strong because my future MIL suggested that we walk it off in SAKs 5th.. and since we were in trying things on mode, the moms convinced me to try on some fancy dresses.

So I did.

AND after I tried on a this RED Valentino my FMIL disappeared.

Then a black bag with this beaut was passed over to me and I literally almost fainted.
I had to sit down because it was one of the prettiest dress I've ever put on (and that's after a day of trying on beautiful wedding gowns). As if walking out with this wasn't enough, my mom bought me an awesome shade of nail polish to match.

The twirls in the dress are to die for, and it feels so luxurious, I can't believe it's mine! 

Of course the first thing I did when I got home was put it one and prance around in it until rob got home. 

My MIL took my wedding dress since I am not trusted keep the dress a secret from R-- So this was a fun substitute. He loves it. So do I.

ANYWAY. I'm feeling so spoiled and grateful.. I never thought a few material things could make me so damn giddy, but.. I guess I'm a girl after all, and my inner Buddhist is just going to have to deal with it! ;) 




  1. HOLY SHIT I love both dresses! I want that black one like yesterday. You absolutely SHOULD prance around in it! Good lord it's gorgeous. And yes, I love your wedding dress as well- you are going to knock Rob out when he sees you. :)

  2. Ryan,

    You look ABSOLUTELY beautiful in your wedding dress. I am so excited for you. I hope you have a great wedding.


  3. GAH I love both of those dresses! So beautiful. And they look great on you :)

  4. Gorgeous. You have to send me a full-length picture. I am dying.

    I also ended up with a MUCH more traditional wedding dress than I expected. It's funny, once you start trying them on, it seems like the more "bride-y" choices win out.

    The bra situation is one of the most irritating ones where wedding dresses are concerned, if you ask me. I ended up buying a white version of my favorite VS bra and cutting the straps off of it. Classy...

    1. I will send you one soon, I am uplaoding them now.

      Court did the same thing with the bra-- except, an hour before the wedding she had be cutting ribbons off of it and altering it! SLACKER! haha. ;)


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