Stop MONSANTO: sign this petition, for real. do it.

SO the house is up to some evil stuff this week.

If you know me, you know I take my produce pretty seriously.. you also know that I don't fuck around with my food supply and that I think Monsanto is probably the most evil corporation on the planet.. and I also think we are screwed because our elected officals could give two shits about our well being.

You will also know that I don't drop the eff bomb lightly on this blog, so.. I must actually be completely enraged. 

I read this quote recently:

"Politicians are like sperm, one in a million is actually a human being"


If you don't want your produce to be 100% genetically modified and you appreciate the inkling of checks and balances we have left in this country, then you should probably click here, and sign the petition which encourages your local representative to support the DeFazio amendment to strike the “farmer assurance provision” currently included in the FY2013 Agriculture Appropriations bill.

It is disgusting that our elected officials would even think about eliminating judicial review for something as vital as our FOOD SUPPLY. 

Now, I'm not going to get all political here, but I take this personally. Food supply now, humans next. Some things must remain sacred. Food, water & the fight for a legitimate democracy is about all that's left. 

So go on, sign the petition, and pass it on. Post it on FB.. ya know.. just do it.



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