French pressed and happy.

There are few things in life that make me happier than a cup of joe 
{after a night of one too many glasses of vino.}

The local wine bar has a habit of booking awesome music on Wednesday and Thursdays-- they also have a habit of providing delicious house wines, and I have a habit of occasionally over-indulging myself.

This morning I woke up so ready for water, coffee and eggs I didn't even know what to do with myself.

I love eggs so much-- I even went crazy and had two yolks instead of one. Such a rebel.

So back to last night... We were invited to go out and listen to some jazz (it was awesome-- stand up bass and all) with some new friends. We met said friends at a local retail shop-- Hey, I told you guys we've really been putting ourselves out there.

Team R&R might be social after all.

Anyway, I was really surprised that we both ended up having a great time. Usually one of us is under-stimulated by the company.. or the company is inherently negative- about everything- so as positive people, we find it quite draining to hang out with complainers. People complain a lot, about everything. It's weird.

Anyway, I enjoyed the ladies, R enjoyed the gents.. and we found out that we might not be the only weirdos residing in Stuart. Yeay.

SO now that we found people who like to talk about things that are not sports related or negative-- we're feeling pretty excited about continuing to put ourselves out there to meet more cool peeps.

Ahhh.... shaking off the recluse.

Last week I purchased a few books on amazon that I have been enjoying immensely-- One of the books is called Inner Paths to Outer Space-- It has discusses a fairly unusual-under discussed philosophy-- that directly links religion to science and vise versa-- which is something R and I have a lot of fun discussing together-- even before purchasing this book-- so I am finding it quite interesting.

If you are into the strange, psychedelics, philosophy, religion, human/animal evolution and how we're connected to the universe/God.. it's a pretty cool book.

In other news:

-R and I are putting some serious thought into starting a business. (More on this later)

-Wedding planning is rough, but I had an awesome conversation with my (chef) aunt yesterday that got me fired up about about doing the catering ourselves. (Hey, I love to cook so why not!?) HUGE money saver right there.

-My mom visits soon, I'm quite excited to see that wacky-lady (and for dress shopping). She's in Hawaii right now, lucky be-otch.

-I need to paint something before the week is over.. I am such a slacker Artist.


Tomorrow is FRIDAY. I'm so ready to have a lovely weekend with my love since last weekend was spent watching South Park in bed, and generally being a miserable person.

Oh and, look at this cuteness. Bartlebe laid in that position for a good 7 hours yesterday. 
Laziness at its finest.
You're welcome.

SO. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.. and.. ya know.. Carpe Diem and stuff.




  1. First of all....you are beautiful!
    I can take you to outer space cuz I must live there as I am living with an alien.
    And God is real and He is there.

  2. You are SO gorgeous.

    I want to hear more wedding planning details! Ah. I live for that stuff. You are so ambitious to do the cooking yourself!

    1. You are Gorgeous!

      and.. I'll do a wedding things post sometime soonish-- when I get more of an idea of what the heck we want to do.

  3. I'm glad things are looking up for you guys! Good luck with wedding planning, it's not easy but it's all worth it in the end. Enjoy the process - it goes by so fast!

    And you are so pretty!


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